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The 12 Holy Nights - An Astrological Retreat

Melanie Reinhart

December 23rd, 2011 - January 5th, 2012

Our 2nd Bi-Annual Retreat, by popular demand

This workshop is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners, to established students, to seasoned professional astrologers - and held on the tropical island paradise of Bali.

The twelve holy days, which begin on December 25th and end on January 5th, are linked with the twelve signs of the Zodiac and provide a unique ‘window out of time’ in which a template can be created for the year to come. Each year during this period, the Earth is at perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun. As the Earth-Sun relationship defines the Zodiac, the subtle energies of the Earth itself are enlivened during this time.

In the Christian Calendar, two major festivals contain this period - Christmas and Epiphany. While Melanie will reference the inner meaning of these events, our framework is not limited to Christianity, but sourced in the universal and astrological significance of this period.


The signs of the zodiac will be considered through unique experiential exercises which are highly personalized and reflective in nature, bringing us into contact with the deeper energetic reality which they symbolise. From this base, other material relevant to the unfolding process will be included. For beginners, this is a profoundly personal way to be introduced to knowledge about the signs of the zodiac, and the sacred language of astrology. Experienced astrologers are invited to use this process as one of re-dedication to their craft, like cleaning your tools!

This workshop will also be a time of rest and contemplation, dedicated to releasing the old year and envisioning the new. If you are experiencing a larger process of life-transition, here is an opportunity to spend time with yourself in the company of others, and engaging with astrology in such a way that it will nourish your soul, open your heart and inspire your mind.


Bali is a place of great beauty, and spirituality, and the Balinese live their lives steeped in ritual, ceremony and gratitude. There could not be a better place on the planet to take this kind of journey, with a group of like-minded souls.

Melanie Reinhart is an astrologer and teacher of great sensitivity and deep wisdom, plus an insatiable pioneer of untraversed astrological frontiers. Her work with recently discovered celestial objects such as ‘Centaurs’ and ‘TNOs’, and their emerging symbolism is nothing short of breath-taking. She is held in high esteem throughout the world-wide astrological community for her dedication and contributions to our understanding of these important "markers". The emergence and exploration of these new bodies and their "archetypes" offer us the opportunity for heightened understanding and consciousness, so vital to the times we are moving into...

The idea for this workshop was birthed during Melanie's time in Bali in 2008 with the 1st actual retreat having been held in 2009/10, and it promises to be another healing and enlightening experience for all those fortunate enough to attend.


Your Bali Retreat will include

  • Ground transfers in Bali, if arrival or departure is within 3 days before or after the actual workshop dates
  • 14 nights accommodation at Melati Cottages
  • Buffet Breakfast and Lunch for 13 days starting on December 24th
  • Approximately 4 hours a day of astrological tuition with Melanie Reinhart - for the 12 Holy Days
  • Morning Yoga Class
  • 3 massage treatments ~ in the privacy of your room
  • An Indonesian cooking class

  • Bike ride down from the volcano, or a bird walk
  • Rice field & village walk
  • A visit to the Holy Springs on the morning of the Full Moon
  • Fire dance on the night of the Full Moon
  • Ample time for your own independent exploration of Bali
  • Time to practice the lost art of complete & total relaxation

For prices and packages

For more information on Bali


On December 25th is a celebration of the new moon in Bali (they celebrate all lunations, full and new), and at 6:00 am in the morning we will head for an ancient Balinese temple in a town called Tampak Siring. Here we will join the local people in a ritual bathing/purification ceremony followed by a temple blessing, women during their cycle do not participate.

That evening there will be another group trip to watch a Kecak (fire) Trance dance. We will have a teaching session between the time we return from the temple, around 10:30 am, until 1:00 pm, and then an afternoon session from 2:00 - 4:00 pm. There will then be a break before we go to the dance performance.


Optional 2-day tour of the
Buddhist temples of Borobudur on the island of Java
January 6th ~7th, 2012
Borobudur Tour



December 23rd, 2011 through January 5th, 2012

Everyone is asked to arrive on December 23rd so there will be time for acclimating and recovering from jet-lag (that night's accommodation are part of the Melati package). We do ask that everybody be resident in the hotel by the evening of the 23rd.

We will have an orientation meeting and official opening in the Meditation Hall, this will be held on December 24th, at a yet to be determined time. This will be an important time for introductions, connecting with one another and setting the stage for this time we will share together. A simple but significant traditional Balinese offering will be made to mark this time.


Daily Schedule:

6:00am - 7:15am - Optional Daily Yoga
6:30am - 8:15am - Buffet Breakfast for Melati Cottages residents.
8:30am -12:30pm - Astrology Session
12.30pm - 2:00pm - Buffet Lunch for Melati residents.

**Afternoons are times for the organized group activities, massages, or whatever individuals choose to do, nothing is mandatory, except for listening to yourself and acting accordingly.

Evenings are free, though on occasion we may have short meditations/star-gazing sessions.

Please stay somewhat flexible around scheduling, much will depend on the group dynamic, while at the same time respecting individual needs.


Optional 2-day tour of the
Buddhist temples of Borobudur on the island of Java
January 6th - 7th, 2012
Borobudur Tour

Printable Resource & Optional Reading List for 12 Holy Nights

**All inclusive activities are optional, for Evelyn's sanity and other logistical reasons, all activities are non-transferable and there will be no substitutions or refunds for non-participation. Thank you for understanding.**


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