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Melanie Reinhart and Brian Clark

July 15th ~ 24th, 2010

A healer is a man worth many men in his knowledge

Homer, The Iliad

Melanie Reinhart and Brian Clark, two of the premiere astrologers of their generation, joined forces in Bali to present this transformative workshop. There were deepening insights and understanding for attendees, as these learned astrologers, who are also close friends and respectful colleagues, shared their wisdom and expertise on subjects so relevant to this human life.

In antiquity wounding and healing were considered to be under the dominion of the gods. Neither could be separated from the other; the instrument of wounding was also the agent of healing, as disease and deity were merged in the ethos of the ancient world. Even today, the human mind regresses to connect sin, transgression and impiety with the experience of disease, whose origins remain mysterious and bewildering. Yet illness also reconnects us to a more authentic and imaginative life, even offering a spiritual awakening. We are confronted with our mortality and this critical realisation shifts the course of our lives in a more reflective direction. Dis-ease could be compared to the calling of a deity, awakening the soul to a more contemplative life.

In a contemporary way of thinking, ‘divine diseases’ are the psychosomatic ills, the bodily complaints and symptoms that are the pronunciation of the soul’s discontent. And to know the disease we must be able to read the symptom, to listen to the intelligence embedded in it. Divination and healing were closely aligned in the ancient world, and the seer worked in tandem with the healer/doctor. If the basis of disease is considered divine, then healing involves understanding the spiritual process behind it. We can ‘see into’ our symptoms through exploring the multi-layered images that astrology offers.

For many people, physical suffering is a call which guides them away from a sleepwalking existence, an unreflective life, towards a more meaningful and soulful pathway. Image is the language of soul, which speaks in the poetry of the dream, expressed as symbols, signs, omens, slips of the tongue, reveries, imagination, fantasy, feelings and of course metaphors. The body becomes the screen upon which for these images of the psyche may be projected. The symbolic language of astrology helps to loosen and reveal the images which speak of our experience.

This fusion of wound and healing, so visible in the mythic figure of Chiron and his heroic charges, is an archetypal reality that has moved and informed the astrological vocation of both Melanie and Brian.

Using astrological symbols, images and metaphors, they led us on a healing journey, inviting us to participate with the soulful images that speak through our wounds, pains and illnesses. Contact with these images promotes acceptance, which supports healing.

This programme wove together the following themes:

  • Fate and Disease; Soul and Body

  • Symptom and the Soul: Astrological Patterns and Illness including reading symptoms

  • Temperament and the Elements

  • The Astrology of Well Being including the Houses of Health, the 6th – 12th House polarity of Soma and Psyche and the Ascendant of vitality; Planets, Physical and Psychological well-being; Health and the Moon; Chiron and the Healing Journey

  • Dreams and Healing

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