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Soulful Reflections:
Astrology and our Inner Worl

Brian Clark

Palolem, Goa, India

January 19 - 28, 2013

If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.
- Romain Rolland

Where else, but in India, is the intensity of daily life so fully immersed in sacredness; and where else does the divine intersect so seamlessly with the hum drum of the everyday. Mark Twain also said: ‘so far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds’. Where do we go when we seek a deeper resonance for our lives? What better locale than the extraordinariness of India.


For eight special class days, surrounded by the remarkable sights, sounds and feelings of the Indian panorama, we will contemplate the soul-filled narratives of our horoscopes and how these interconnect with our waking lives. Our Western paradigm, weighed down with information, mechanics and technology, seeks its soul more than ever and what better way to experience soul but through the timeless art of astrology.

Soul conjures up countless impressions. Soul is not something that is easily defined; yet many philosophies, religious institutions, new age movements and publications, even the music industry, all claim this entrancing word to arouse our imagination and to capture the intangible. Soul has explained many incongruous states from the eternal aspect of the human being that leaves the body at death to the piece of us that needs to be saved from sin to the ‘wow’ factor in a piece of uplifting music. Even food, cities and buildings have been described as having soul. One perception seems common which is that soul is unworldly and eternal; it is the invisible characteristic that breathes life into our life. It cannot be manufactured or commodified, but presents itself through our ephemeral thoughts, in reflective moments, in feeling the anguish of humanness, in dreams and through the revelations of our horoscope. We are using the vision of soul to conceive of the layers of the horoscope beyond the everyday, where psyche extends itself into the world of spirit.


First thing each morning, as the Sun transits the 12th house, we will share a group experience unravelling a dream. Dreams are inner narratives of the soul and like astrology belong both to the night and the divinatory tradition. Dreams speak the language of the soul through images; astrology speaks the language of the soul through signs and symbols, both facilitating a more imaginative and soulful perspective. A dream will help us de-literalise the meaning of the horoscope so that a deeper resonance can be available to understand the horoscope as the dream of this lifetime. We will then take this more imaginative and feeling perspective into our work with the horoscope.


Throughout the retreat we will use the horoscope to help us contemplate the deeper layers of our ancestral and familial legacy, our relational patterns, the underlying voice of our symptoms, our vocational calling and as well as our creative desires. We will examine soul and synchronicity in light of our transits and planetary cycles. Our methodology for learning will be through group process, ritual and experiential practices to help facilitate a felt experience and an inner knowing, using the horoscope to honour the inner world and to reconnect us to our spiritual essence.

Ensouling the Horoscope

During our time together we will explore the follow themes in terms of our own personal horoscopes.

*Into the Abaton: Dreams and Astrology

*Soul and the Self

*Soul and the Family

*Soul Mates

*Soul and Symptom

*Vocation and the Call to the World

*Spirituality and Creativity

*Synchronicity and the Soul

*Re-musing our Everyday Lives

*The Locus of Soul: The Astrology of Place



Brian Clark is the co-founder of the Chiron Centre in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to complementary healing therapies. He also is the creator of the Astro*Synthesis distance learning program which has been shaped from his experience as an astrological educator over the past 30 years.


Dates: January 20th - 28th, 2013

Everyone is required to arrive on January 19th so there will be time for acclimating and recovering from jet-lag (this night's accommodation is part of the Bhakti Kutir package).

Daily Schedule

7:00 am - 8:00 am - Buffet Breakfast for Bhakti Kutir residents.

8:15 am - 10:15 am - Astrology Session

10:15 am - 10:45 am -Break

10:45 am - 12:45 pm - Astrology Session

1:00 pm - Lunch Buffet for those on the Bhakti Kutir full package. Others will be welcome to purchase the buffet, or to order seperately from the menu.

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm - **Group Discussion and Chart Exploration on certain days.

** Some afternoons will be free after lunch for organized group activities, massages, or whatever individuals choose to do Nothing is mandatory, except for listening to yourself and acting accordingly. A large part of this journey to India will be the experience of this amazing and exotic land itself.

Excursions are included in the Bhakti Kutir "package" prices, and available to tuition only students for a per activity price. More details will be posted and sent to all attendees closer to the workshop dates.

Because many participants are restricted as to their time in Goa, we will have a full day off midway through the seminar.

Evenings Free

Daily Yoga Classes are available at Bhakti Kutir - paid for individually.

Please stay somewhat flexible around scheduling, much will depend on the group dynamic, while at the same time respecting individual needs.



Jan 19, Saturday - Arrival and settling in, no lunch at Bhakti Kutir.

Jan 20, Sunday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Group Discussion and Chart Exploration.

Jan 21, Monday - Class, snack, Butterfly Beach Boat Trip and picnic.

Jan 22, Tuesday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Group Discussion and Chart Exploration.

Jan 23, Wednesday - Class, lunch, and then we will take an excursion to the legendary Anjuna Flea Market,(about an hour and a half drive) possibly arriving home rather late! Anjuna Photos

Jan 24, Thursday - Free Day. Relaxation and optional day trip to Gokharna, a traditional pigrimage village about 60km away. No inclusive lunch at Bhakti Kutir today.

Jan 25, Friday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Group Discussion and Chart Exploration.

Jan 26, Saturday - Class, lunch, Spice Farm trip
Spice Farm Photos

Jan 27, Sunday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Group Discussion and Chart Exploration.

Jan 28, Monday - Class and Closing, lunch, break, Cooking Class, Group Meal. Farewells for those not going on to Hampi.

Jan 29, Tuesday - Departure and Optional 4 day excursion to Hampi. We will be catching a 7:10 am train, so leaving from Palolem at around 5 am.

Optional Hampi Trip

January 29th - February 2nd


All scholarships for this workshops have already been awarded.

Registration & Payment


**All inclusive activities are optional, for Evelyn's sanity and other logistical reasons, all activities are non-transferable and there will be no substitutions or refunds for non-participation. Thank you for understanding.**


$1,775 USD - We have 16 shared occupancy places at Bhakti Kutir for this special price. We will try our best to place everyone in doubles, if however we don't have even numbers we may have to put 3 in a room. If you are coming with a friend we will place you together for as long as we have availability.

This package includes full accommodation, 2 meals a day (no lunch on day one or the day off, lunch beverages not included), cooking class, Butterfly Island trip and picnic, Spice Farm tour, and Anjuna Flea Market trip.

A Shared Occupancy rate is not guaranteed unless you actually sign-up with a room-mate, we will however do our very best to provide you with one.


$2,295 USD - Single Occupancy Package at Bhakti Khutir with all the same inclusive additional activities.


$1,500 USD- Tuition only price: includes attendance at the workshop only. These participants may independently choose to have meals at Bhakti Kutir and join in all additional activities at a per activity additional cost.


Transportation costs for arrivals and departures are not included in any packages.


Requirements: This workshop will be of great value to anyone with a vocational interest or innate passion in astrology who would like to participate with the horoscope from a more in-depth approach. No experience is too much or too little, please just come with a completely open mind.

Readings: Due to the nature of the workshop Brian will not be doing personal consultations during this period.
However he is available for personal consultations via phone or Skype before or after the seminar.

We invite people to bring charts with them to India for the purpose of sharing with the group. This is a highly personalized and interactive workshop during which we will be working with participant's charts. Privacy will be respected when working with the images of the horoscope.


Brian will provide printed material to support the course work.


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