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Caroline W. Casey

Caroline W. Casey is the creator/host/Weaver of Context for "The Visionary Activist Show," airing live for eleven years on the Pacifica Radio Network, pod-cast and on the web.

Using the language of astrology (as the meta frame story) to wed spirit mojo with inventive solutions to the myriad irreverent crises we have imposed on the rest of creation, Caroline has weekly guests (sometimes planets) who have a necessary contribution to a more reverently ingenious world.

She is the author of two sets of Sounds True CD's ("Inner and Outer Space," which morphed into "Visionary Activist Astrology", and "Making the Gods Work for You," a live two-night performance of the material in the book of the same name published by Random House.)

She has taught in New Zealand, South Africa (twice - once presenting at the Parliament of World Religions), England, Turkey, Malta, Sweden and Syria, as well as all over the US (Turtle Island), frequently key-noting at leading environmental, social justice conferences (Bioneers, Sol Fest etc.). Enjoying cross-pollinating, she has appeared frequently on mainstream TV ( willing to add spice and cavort with right-wing nuts as well as tepid liberals - we need the awakened imagination of everyone), as well as The Washington Post, The Village Voice, The Financial Times, People Magazine etc., and happily engages in conversations on planes with war mongers, all of whom come into accord with her offering - "The only solution to terrorism is - a wonderful life for the children of all species."

She began learning astrology as a teen, beginning her formal studies at the Astrological Lodge in London, simultaneously checking out every crank esoteric cult teaching available, brewing it all into an astrology that cultivates free-will and conscious contribution that we may be ever more effective players on the Team of Creation. With this as mission- she travelled on to India and California, then finessed her way into Brown University, studying everything that would be useful to astrology, for (eventually) a degree in semiotics, the symbolic nature of the universe, focusing on the Grail Legend, comparative esoteric tradition, world mythology, zen swordmanship, and Middle Eastern dance (causing great puzzlement to her parents). While in New England she also studied with the late great astrologer, Isabel Hickey, and whenever possible, with the late great mythological ancestor Joseph Campbell.

In Cuba she was initiated into Santeria by the profound Santero, Enrique Sosa, as a daughter of Yemaya, and beloved step-daughter of Oya (the goddess of change, a syncretized Uranus Trickster-Pluto transformer of poison combo Intelligence). She enjoys, excavating, inviting and re-animating the old deities and their stories- the Wrathful Dakinis, for instance, who pre-date Tibetan Buddhism, whose talents include the transformation of poison - cooking the poison of anger into the tonic of wrath - intelligent anger on behalf of the world, cooking the toxin of seduction into the tonic of magnetism - bring everything alive! In the Middle East, Islam is preceded by She-Wolf, who then morphs into Scheherazade, who is the Middle Eastern Bureau Chief for Caroline's mythological news service -Coyote Network News. She is the founder of the on-line Compassionate Trickster Experimental Juju Mystery School, and resides in her witchery just outside Washington DC, where she lives with an animal UN, comprised of an actual coyote, Stella, the wolfie Moon Dog, the puma-like cats and the enthusiastic fish. To hear archived radio shows, enjoy crucial links, more info:

Phone: (301) 320-0373

P.O. Box 94
Cabin John, MD 20818





Making The Gods Work For You
By Caroline Casey

Making the Gods Work for You presents internationally renowned author Caroline W. Casey's remarkable doctrine of Visionary Activist Astrology. In this reverently irreverent mystery school disguised as a book (in which each of the planetary gods is a professor), we are invited to think of our lives as spiritual detective novels. For example, Venus teaches us that our affinities and quirks are clues to our unique mission and contribution to the world. The astrological language of the psyche is a tool for deciphering and revitalizing this sense of mission.

Casey teaches you how to expand your range of intimacy with the ten parts of yourself represented by the planets, here called gods. You will learn how to use this language to reverence and feed the forces of your psyche that connect you to very real external forces. This book intends to catalyze a movement to engage the imagination of all people with a sense of humor and a desire to do collaborative good in the world.

Expanding on the ideas first presented in her popular audiotape series, Inner and Outer Space, Casey explores the archetypes at the heart of human relationships, aspirations, and spiritual quests. In an engaging narrative enlivened by stories, fables, exercises, and meditations developed through her work as an astrological counselor, she provides a practical system of personal and collective liberation. Making the Gods Work for You provides us with innovative principles to live by and rituals inviting us to become active, dynamic participants in the dance of life. We can then become increasingly conscious players on the team of creation, capable of sharing our gifts with the world at this crucial historical time.


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