How To Reserve Your Domain Name and Web Hosting

If you want to create your own website, you will want to register a domain name and a web hosting account a few weeks before the workshop. At, a domain name plus an Economy Hosting plan will cost @ $50 a year. Below are the steps you will take to reserve your domain name and web hosting.

Before you begin, take some time to make a list of domain names you like, you'd be surprised at how many are already taken. Luckily for me, the other Jean Fogelberg's out there either aren't photographers or decided on different domain names. My domain is but you might want to create a name like "Big Dreams Photography" or something like that, so your domain name would be If the .com suffix is already taken, and you really want that name, you might have to go with .net, .biz, .tv, or a different suffix. But it's best if you can think of something original enough to get the .com, since that's the suffix people are used to.

Why Do I Need Both A Domain Name And Web Hosting?
Your domain is just your name on the web. It is the sign you hang out front of your store. Your web hosting account is your store - it's where all of your photos go. So one isn't much good without the other.



1. Go to

2. In the search box, type in your desired domain name. If your website will be called "Jane Doe Photography", then enter "janedoephotography" and click "Search".




3. The next page will tell you if your domain is available. If it isn't, there are suggested variations on the page that are available, including .net, .biz, etc. (sometimes prices vary), or you can keep trying until you find a domain you like that's available. Once you get the page saying that your domain name "Is Available!", click "Continue to Checkout".




4. The next page asks "What Do You Want To Do With Your Domain?" Check the box next to "Web Hosting". Then change the "Deluxe Hosting" option to "Economy Hosting" by clicking the down arrow. (You don't need that much space, and if you do later on you can always upgrade your hosting plan.) Then click on "Add and Continue to Cart".



5. On this page you will choose how many years you want to reserve your domain for. I would just reserve it for 1 year for now, you can always renew later. So change the "5 Years" to "1 Year" by clicking on the up/down arrow. When your page looks like the image above, click "Checkout".




6. On the next page you will create your account. Choose the "I'm a new customer" button and fill in the boxes. VERY IMPORTANT!! Write down the information in these four boxes immediately, and keep it in a safe place! You will need to log into your account to set up your website later.


7. Finally, you will enter your billing information. It may take a day or two for your account to become active, but you're on your way to having your own photography website!


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