"The Somatic Dance of Mars"
by Tina Thompson

Mars rules our vitality, he also rules our head,
he rules our blood and iron, and his colour's red,
he reigns over battle, war and strive,
he rules the surgeon and the knife.
Mars can find his satisfaction,
whenever we are taking action,
when something's taken firm in hand,
or when we're roused to make a stand.
Our use of Mars may be distorted,
because our early will was thwarted,
our parents called it "the terrible two's"
as we first expressed our wills and views
Deimos and Phobos, fear and fright,
are the Moons that travel with this might,
and with their energy we engage,
when we express ourselves in rage.
But if we never scream nor shout,
if we never work nor stamp it out,
then through our body Mars can reign,
with fever, depression, ache and pain.
When Mars in Aries should see red
but holds an olive branch instead,
he feels an ache within his head,
or fever drives him to his bed.
Mars in Taurus says 'what the heck',
then gets it in the throat and neck,
with Mars in Gemini it lands,
in his chest, or on his hands.
When Mars in Cancer's feeling rummy,
he gets to feel it in his tummy,
and Mars in Leo rules divine,
over heart, virility and spine.
Mars in Virgo's introspection,
gives him problems with digestion,
Mars in Libra gets his attack,
via his kidneys, at his back.
Mars in Scorpio feels destruction,
via the organs of reproduction,
Mars in Sagittarius' demise,
comes about in hips and thighs.
Mars in Capricorn will sneeze,
and suffer pain within his knees,
he can feel Mars undertones,
anywhere within his bones.
Mars in Aquarius will frown,
as his ankles let him down,
and Mars in Pisces is heard to bleat,
oh my poor, poor aching feet,
Should we decide to vent our will,
or suffer while it makes us ill?
I believe we have a choice,
how our Mars is given voice.
©2001Tina Thompson

"The Somatic Dance of Mars" was written by Tina Thompson Dip.Psych.Astrol. Tina is a personal friend and fellow Astrologer of Evelyn’s from London. She has worked for several years on an Astrology Hot-line, without a doubt one of the most intensive and demanding ways to hone ones skills! Tina is a diploma holding graduate of the Centre for Psychological Astrology, she is currently completing a course in Integrative Counseling and Therapy, and at the same time has a private Astrological consultancy practice. Tina can be reached at Tinathompson@eleusis.fsnet.co.uk