"Under One Sky" by Rafael Nasser

A penetrating astrological reading . . . how does the astrologer do it?

Watch twelve experts representing twelve different astrological traditions interpret the same natal chart, blind!

All they knew was the birth data of the woman whose birthchart they analyzed. Read how each one applies his or her real-world techniques, just as they would with a client. To deepen your understanding, all of them explain their underlying interpretive strategies, and respond to a few pressing questions.

How accurate are readings? After it was all over, the mystery woman submitted her autobiography for the book, so you can be the judge.

Demetra George - Asteroid-centered
Evelyn Roberts - Archetypal
Gary Christen -Uranian
Hadley Fitzgerald - Psychological
John Marchesella - Modern Western
Ken Bowser - Western Sidereal
Kim Rogers-Gallagher - Light-Hearted
Robert Hand - Medieval
Robert Schmidt - Hellenistic
Ronnie Gale Dreyer - Vedic
Steven Forrest - Evolutionary
Wendy Z. Ashley - Mythological

"You are about to set off on an adventure that unfolds like a detective story. The first part of Under One Sky introduces the twelve astrologers, their background, personal values and beliefs. The second part is an intimate account of Joyce's life that she wrote herself. In the third part, each astrologer slides open the top lid of his or her toolbox to reveal the strategy he or she devised to organize the basic outlines of Joyce's reading out of a scattering of symbols. That section is followed by their interpretations of her birth chart. I will conclude the book with a brief account of how this project transformed my understanding of astrology." ~ Rafael Nasser

The following excerpts are from "Part One: The Astrologers' Forum", a series of questions.


Evelyn Roberts: Consciousness means being awake in the broadest sense. It is honest self-reflection and examination on a path of acceptance, truth, integration, receptiveness, active participation and compassion. It includes admitting when we don't know and accepting that, and the ability to be wrong and to make amends. I strongly believe that consciousness involves knowing, accepting and working with our shadow material, or there are always demons in the basement. Transforming not transcending is key; it is easy in "New Age" thinking to believe we can rise above things. That is escapism; the way to create change is to move deeply into something, not rise above it, acknowledging that life experiences are only reflections of the inner reality. The only way to change your world is to change yourself.

Astrology used with integrity allows for deeper self-knowledge, acceptance and reflection. I don't believe you can see the level of an individual's consciousness from the birth chart; this can only be discerned through interaction. I would never make that kind of presumption. In the birth chart we can see potential, and there are many levels on which that can manifest, from the lowest to the highest; the spectrum is limitless. The chart is not a concretized statement; it is a living dynamic, just like a human life, always carrying seeds for change and awareness. We play God when we become absolute in our judgments or assumptions.



Evelyn Roberts: I've always loves Jung's quote, "free will is the ability t0 do gladly that which I must do," which I read as free will being the ability, in a sense, to accept our fate. It is vital to understand and accept our own essence and the parameters that our life circumstances dictate we live within. I, for example, could not be a Sumo wrestler no matter how much I might want to be one; I'm the wrong race, not male and too small! Astrology mirrors who we truly are; it speaks of our physical, emotional and subtler bodies. When we are in a place of acceptance, we stop judging others and ourselves and become compassionate. As astrologers we have the tools to assist clients to "come home" to themselves. Call it fate or whatever, we all have a physical body, an individual nature, history, dreams, the crosses we bear, and they all belong to us and fit us. Usually discontent comes from the belief that we are unacceptable or not good enough. There is liberation in knowing that we are exactly who we should be. From that springboard we can be realistic about what we aspire to, meaning less disappointment and more success and fulfillment. Destiny to me is this life we are living; it's right here and right now, this is not the dress rehearsal. Being as fully alive and conscious as possible now is my personal goal, and what I aim to assist my clients in achieving.

©Rafael Nasser ~ Reprinted by permission.