"The Yod Queen"
by Cynthia Appel

What qualifies me as the Yod Queen? I have crowned myself. I
figure I’ve earned the title. There are between 2 and 7 yods
in my birth chart, depending on the view you adopt for a few
different variables.

Before I go further, let’s get the definition of yod
straight. For those of us that are still students it is as
follows: a hard aspect formed when planet A makes a quincunx
to planet C, planet B forms a quincunx to planet C, and
planets A and B are sextile to each other. Plus I was taught
there can be no more than a 2° separation among the planets in
their respective signs.

Hopelessly lost? Me too, and I wrote it.
Okay, picture an arrowhead where planets A and B are on the
points on the wide end that connects to the wooden shaft, and
C is the sharp end that pokes the target. I love visuals.
Now we will get to the hard aspect part. Say you were a
cavalry officer who unfortunately had an up-close and personal
encounter with the business end of the bow and arrow of an
angry Native American, but you lived to tell about it. The
arrowhead stays lodged in your gluteus maximus muscle so it
isn’t life threatening, just definitely uncomfortable. It is
a constant reminder of a lesson in intra-cultural diplomacy
and the importance of keeping one’s promises.

This is how a yod functions. It is a constant subconscious
irritant that flairs up at times, and believe me, no time
feels convenient.

I affectionately call my chart “The Learning Chart”. Which
aspect do you want? I’ve got it. There are squares, trines,
oppositions, sextiles, conjuncts, quincunxes, a
sesquiquadrate, a Grand Cross, a Grand Trine, intercepted
houses, and yods. What better way to learn these aspects than
to live them. Notice I said “better”, not preferable, easier,
or more comfortable.

There are two definite yods in the chart that any astrologer
would acknowledge Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, and Pluto,
Mercury, Neptune. Then I fudge a little. The aspects for a
yod are in place between the Moon, Mars, and Uranus, but the
arc is sort of wide. The spread is three degrees instead of
two. But you know what they say-If it looks like a yod, it
acts like a yod, and it feels like a yod, it’s not a duck.
Yod number three refuses to be ignored.

Next, the two yods with the Neptune/Saturn conjunction in them
could each be counted as two separate ones. The meaning is
slightly different if one uses Neptune alone as the third
planet without considering Saturn’s influence. Saturn is
outside of the two degree yod orb. But then that is a pretty
tight conjunction, I can’t totally ignore Saturn. What’s a
girl to do? If one sees the yods with and without Saturn, a
fourth and fifth yod are created.

There is also a yod with Chiron as part of the base. If you
don’t use Chiron you would ignore this one. Naturally, I use
Chiron and was using Chiron before I even found out about
yods. Chiron is major in my chart, making an aspect to almost
every other planet. So that yod brings the count up to six.
Finally, there is a yod using Ceres, one of the “Big Four”
asteroids. I have enough trouble grasping all the innuendos
of a relatively uncluttered chart; I don’t need any extras at
this point to overtax my pea-sized brain. I have the utmost
respect for the Maritha Pottengers of this world who can
constructively utilize the added information these asteroids
provide. After having her spell out for me the meaning this
asteroid carries, I realize the influence this yod represents
has already played out in a big way in my life. The essence
of a yod can replay untold number of times in your life. Once
you have grasped its lesson it is much easier to recognize its
influence, and cope with it when it does reoccur. This
particular yod is not an experience I care to repeat in the
same way. The count reaches seven with this yod.
A baker’s half dozen. Lucky me.
A yod is like the twelfth house; functioning largely on an
unconscious level. I have heard to be able to effectively
read the twelfth house, the sitting astrologer should have
planets in the twelfth. I believe the reasoning behind this
theory is based on empathy. Reading the twelfth house or yods
is similar to a doctor dealing with a patient’s migraine
headaches. To be brilliant at treating migraine headaches the
doctor does not have to have had one. Yet, to be able to sit
down with the patient and empathize fully with their thumper,
the doctor really has had to have been in the grips of the
monster at some time.

A migraine headache is to another headache as twelfth house
planets and yods are to other house placements and aspects.
Twelfth house planets and yods have a definite, different feel
to them. Any knowledgeable astrologer can tell a client the
mechanics of the client’s twelfth house placements or yod
planets. To be able to relate to how a twelfth house planet
or a yod feels the reading astrologer has to have felt one.

There is another name in the astrological community for a
yod. It is known as “the finger of God”. It is pointing at
something that you will accomplish in this life. Get the
picture? The matter of choice has been removed, in a manner
of speaking. You still have a say as to how you will achieve
the task, just not whether you will achieve the task.
Example 1: If we take the Ceres yod in my chart, it has a
quincunx from Pluto at 20° Leo to Chiron at 20° Capricorn, an
quincunx from Chiron to Ceres at 18° Gemini, and finally the
sextile is between Ceres and Pluto. It is an arrowhead with
Chiron at the point, and Ceres and Pluto by the shaft. Here
is how I interpret it. Ceres is the marriage asteroid, Pluto
is transformation, and Chiron is known as the wounded-healer.
I was married (Ceres) and we got divorced (Chiron-the wounded
part), and I was totally transformed, spurred on by the pain
of the divorce (Pluto).

Even though pain is the ultimate motivator, I am sure growth
is possible through a positive event. Ideally the growth I’ve
done will lead to another relationship (Ceres) and we’ll be
happy (Chiron-the healer) and I’ll be on a higher plane
constantly (Pluto). I will have learned through my earlier
experience to use the yod in a positive way.

Pollyanna, you say? What the heck--a girl can dream.
Example 2: I have three yods with a Mercury/Pluto quincunx in
them. That Mercury/Pluto quincunx gives me a unique way of
seeing things, and serves to pull together and to inter-mix
the import of the yods. The third planet in each yod gives a
different flavor to that aspect.

In yod one the third planet is Neptune alone. As you can see
by my chart twelfth house concerns have a definite emphasis in
my life. Let it suffice to say my spiritual ideals are strong
and different from the norm. Transformational (Pluto)
thinking (Mercury) when it comes to my spirituality

In yod 2 I take the Neptune/Saturn conjunction as the third
planet. The Saturnian influence has made see the need to set
clear and firm borders to keep zealotry at bay from both
within and without. I also realize I must take responsibility
for any influence I may exert in another’s life. Saturn has a
definite hand in manifestation which makes it doubly tricky

Yod number three has Chiron as the third leg. I have been
praised and reviled for my spiritual outlook when I have been
persuaded to share. So, I have learned the best way is to
keep my own counsel in sensitive areas to avoid possibly
painful encounters. I’m no crusader.

Let it be known though out the land that I will happily
relinquish my Yod Queen crown to who ever wants it and has
earned it. If you have the yods, you not only get the crown,
but my empathy on a life full of lessons. It is not
comfortable, but it’s always interesting. Isn’t that a
Chinese curse?
©2002 Cynthia Appel

Cynthia Appel is one of Evelyn's most advanced and talented students (who insists it's just a hobby!). A feisty and fun Aries Sun with a Sag Moon, Cynthia puts this Mercury in Pisces to work beautifully through her writing, to date a novel, several short stories and many humorous insightful parodies on life. Cynthia can be reached at appel@syv.co


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