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Working Creatively with Astrology



An eight-day course in natal chart work
Kim Farley and Carole Taylor in Palolem, Goa, India

February 16 - 24, 2016

Following the huge success of the December 2014 course in Bali, the Faculty is delighted to be teaming up once again with Evelyn Roberts and Heaven and Earth Workshops!



The birth chart is unrivalled in its power to describe a person’s character and potential; through its rich language of symbols, we connect to the evocative imagery of myth and its potential to reveal the inner world of the individual. It is a celebration of the uniqueness of each human being, and a means to understand the flow of life and our place in the world.

Astrology offers us a deeper understanding of ourselves, of our clients and the people around us, and a means by which to steer a course through every experience – here the signatures for the most testing of events can also provide the means to navigate them and, in the process, bring to life the aptitudes and talents waiting to be uncovered. Every birth chart is exceptional and any reading of a chart should affirm this and speak fully to the authenticity of the person's feelings and experiences.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wishes to practice their skills at reading birth charts and is open to students and practitioners alike. It will focus on the development of fluency in reading the chart, as we open our imaginations to its deeper potentials. With practice, we can stretch our understanding of the symbols, as we work to find the particular myths and stories embedded in each chart.



We will work also with planetary cycles, both real-time and symbolic – transits, secondary progressions, solar returns and solar arc directions – as our means of watching the chart's potentials unfold and of recognising important threshold moments and rites of passage.

As part of the process, we will practise the inter-personal skills which support a chart reading – the ability to listen closely to the client's story, to use open and sincere communication, to show empathy, and to be authentically 'present' in our connection to the client – as an ethical and secure foundation for professional work.

There will be plenty of time for you to work on your own chart during our time together, for if we are to develop the capacity to see the wonder and potential of another person’s chart, we must first be able to see this in our own. You will also work on mystery charts, client case studies and the charts of the other members of the group, so that by the end of the course you will not only have gained greater proficiency in reading charts, but also a better appreciation of how your own character might shape your particular approach and enhance what you have to offer as an astrologer.

Goa is the perfect location for our course – its rich history, diverse culture and beautiful landscapes will be a colourful backdrop for the work we are doing, inspiring you to tap into your own creativity and develop skills at reading charts with imagination and confidence.


What you will need

You should have some prior knowledge of astrology and of working with charts. A basic working knowledge of the forecasting techniques mentioned above would also be useful – a basic knowledge of transits being the most useful. If you have any questions about this, or about any other aspect of the work we will be doing, please feel free to contact either Kim at kimfariha@gmail.com or Carole at carole.taylor@astrology.org.uk

It would be helpful if you could bring with you an ephemeris for the 20th century. You will be given copies of all the charts and forecasting information we will work on, including your own.




Kim Farley and Carole Taylor

Kim and Carole are experienced practitioners, fully immersed in astrology both as a professional endeavour and as a personal creative path. Both have worked in the field for many years, in private practice and as tutors at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, co-tutoring a number of courses together. Between them they bring a wealth of practical knowledge and a deep love of astrology as a means to express, with clarity and compassion, the richness and complexity of human experience.

Carole on astrology: ‘For me, astrology is a form of poetry, a means of expressing profound truth through the light of symbolic imagination. The chart is a map of all our memories and experiences, revealing both the shape of the individual and how they connect to the world around them. The ability of an astrological symbol or configuration to encompass the deeper truth of our situation is simply breathtaking – I cannot think of any other system which illuminates meaning in the way that astrology does. And the joy of teaching is in seeing others develop their connection to this magical subject.’

Kim on astrology: 'For almost half my life, astrology has been a way of exploring the world and my place within it, and its richness still constantly delights me. The language of the sky truly offers itself to our imagination, announcing our place in the family of things (to borrow Mary Oliver's beautiful phrase). As an art and a discipline, it lights up our lives and endlessly colours our experience with insight and meaning. Sharing my love of the subject with others is simply the best job ever.'



The Faculty of Astrological Studies

The Faculty was founded in 1948 and is the oldest school of astrology in the UK. It has a global student base and a team of 18 tutors across several countries. It offers an integrated programme of study which many people take simply out of a deep love of astrology and others are keen to follow as a professional training from beginner to practitioner level. Its mission has always been to raise the standard of education for astrologers, encouraging a thoughtful and ethical approach, as well as good technical skills and not least the confidence to exercise creative imagination in the reading of charts. These principles will all be reflected in this eight-day course.

Kim Farley and Carole Taylor are both graduates of the Faculty, as is Evelyn Roberts, founder of Heaven and Earth Workshops. Our alumni also include Howard Sasportas, Liz Greene, Charles Harvey and Melanie Reinhart and our Patrons are Liz Greene, Melanie Reinhart, Rob Hand, Julia Parker and Baldur Ebertin. Past Patrons are Dane Rudhyar and John Addey.

Gain Faculty Diploma credits for the Goa workshop!

For anyone who wishes to gain the Faculty’s prestigious Certificate and Diploma awards, this workshop attracts 40 credits (360 are required for the final Diploma qualification). If you are new to the Faculty, you can opt for the credits for Modules 1 and 2 (20 credits per module) – this would enable you to move straight into Module 3, which you can take either by Distance Learning, at our classes in London or at our annual Summer School in Oxford, England. If you are an existing Faculty student and have already gained the credits for Modules 1 and 2, you can opt for the credits for two of the following modules: 3, 4 and 5. If you would like to talk through your credit options, contact Kim and Carole.

For more information about the Faculty’s courses, including the syllabus, examinations and qualification process, see our website.

Whether or not you wish to gain our Certificate or Diploma, you will be given automatic access to our online course material for Modules 1 and 2, each of which is a comprehensive collection of supporting articles covering planets, signs, houses, angles, aspects & aspect patterns, the Moon’s Nodes and the lunation cycle.





Dates: February 16th - 24th, 2015

Everyone is required to arrive on Monday, February 15th, so there will be time for acclimating and recovering from jet-lag (this night's accommodation is part of the Bhakti Kutir package).

Daily Schedule

7:30 am - 8:30 am - Buffet Breakfast for Bhakti Kutir residents.

9:00 am - 10:45 am - Astrology Session

10:45 am - 11:05 am -Break

11:05 am - 1:00 pm - Astrology Session

1:00 pm - Lunch Buffet for those on the Bhakti Kutir full package. Others will be welcome to purchase the buffet, or to order seperately from the menu.

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Afternoon Session on certain days.

** Some afternoons will be free after lunch for organized group activities, massages, or whatever individuals choose to do Nothing is mandatory, except for listening to yourself and acting accordingly. A large part of this journey to India will be the experience of this amazing and exotic land itself.

Excursions are included in the Bhakti Kutir "package" prices, and available to tuition only students for a per activity price. More details will be posted and sent to all attendees closer to the workshop dates.

Because many participants are restricted as to their time in Goa, we will have a full day off midway through the seminar.

Evenings Free

Daily Yoga Classes are available at Bhakti Kutir - paid for individually.

Please stay somewhat flexible around scheduling, much will depend on the group dynamic, while at the same time respecting individual needs.


Activity Schedule

Feb 15, Monday - Arrival and settling in, no lunch at Bhakti Kutir.

Feb 16,Tuesday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class.

Feb 17, Wednesday - Class, lunch, and then we will take an excursion to the legendary Anjuna Flea Market,(about an hour and a half drive) possibly arriving home rather late! Anjuna Photos

Feb 18, Thursday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class.

Feb 19, Friday - Class, snack, Galgibaga Beach Boat Trip and buffet picnic at Surya's wonderful Beach Cafe

Feb 20, Saturday - Free Day. Relaxation and optional day trip to Gokharna, a traditional pigrimage village about 60km away. No inclusive lunch at Bhakti Kutir today.

Feb 21, Sunday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class.

Feb 22, Monday - Class, lunch, Spice Farm trip
Spice Farm Photos

Feb 23, Tuesday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class.

Feb 24, Wednesday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class. Closing. Group Evening Meal. Farewells for those not going on to Hampi.

Feb 25, Thursday - Departure and Optional 4 day excursion to Hampi. We will be catching a 7:10 am train, so leaving from Palolem at around 5:30 am.


Optional Hampi Trip


February 25 - February 28th, 2016


Registration & Payment

Travel Plans


**All inclusive activities are optional and non-transferable, and there will be no substitutions or refunds for non-participation. Thank you for understanding.**



Prices are in US Dollars - Currency Conversion

Please note: prices subject to change without prior notice. If you have made a deposit we will honour the price you signed up for.

$1,825 USD - Shared Occupancy.

This package includes full accommodation, 2 meals a day (no lunch on day one or the day off, lunch beverages not included), Turtle Beach boat trip and picnic, Spice Farm tour, and Anjuna Flea Market trip.

A Shared Occupancy rate is not guaranteed unless you actually sign-up with a room-mate, we will however do our very best to provide you with one. However, please be prepared to pay the full single price if we for any reason cannot find you a room-mate.


$2,345 USD - Single Occupancy Package at Bhakti Khutir with all the same inclusive additional activities.


$1,500 USD- Tuition only price: includes attendance at the workshop only. These participants may independently choose to have meals at Bhakti Kutir and join in all additional activities at a per activity additional cost.


Credit Card Payments can be made through PayPal only. There is an additional 4% service charge on all payments through PayPal or Credit Card.




Contact Evelyn

The following penalties will apply to all cancellations:
Minimum fee $500 per person
31-75 days prior to workshop - 50% of package price
0-30 days prior to workshop - 100% of package price



Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.