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Welcome to Heaven and Earth Workshops, where travel and learning go hand in hand to create vivid new life experiences.

We invite the most fascinating instructors and speakers to present workshops in their fields of expertise. Then we find a heavenly location to hold the workshop in and arrange for the best and most reasonably priced group accommodations.

We scout out local restaurants, extra-curricular events, classes, adventures, tours, galleries, shopping, yoga, massage, local healers and other alternative health treatments; anything and everything that will add to the total travel experience for our workshop participants.


Whether you have travelled extensively or never stepped beyond your own backyard, Heaven and Earth Workshops provides a rich, safe, exciting and comfortable environment in which you can absorb and enjoy local flavours and customs while learning about a topic of interest to you.

We started out as "Astrology In Bali" but, after thirteen years and numerous well-attended workshops, the idea of embracing a wider spectrum of workshop topics and locations led to the evolution/creation of Heaven and Earth Workshops. To date, we have held workshops in Bali, Mexico, India, and Europe, and topics have included astrology, tarot, palmistry, photography and past life regression to name a few.

We will continue to travel the globe in search of the most amazing locations and instructors, and we hope you'll join us on one of our journeys of learning and transformation.