Initiation Into Astrology

October 6 ~ 15, 2008

The Return of "Initiation Into Astrology"
Jeff Jawer
and Rick Levine

Join us for an experiential 9-day Astrology Workshop suitable for beginners, astrology students, and professionals alike seeking the Cosmic Connection that has given meaning to human life since the dawn of time. The heavens will come down to earth to touch your heart and open your mind. You will live the language of astrology for nine unforgettable days in beautiful Bali.

The 1st "Initiation Into Astrology" in October 2006 was such a resounding success that it is now going to be a bi-annual event. Jeff Jawer had to return to the US on day 2 of the workshop, but the work Rick Levine then did solo was so dynamic and enriching for the participants that it became obvious that this program offers something vital and neccesary in the sphere of astrological events. This 2nd 'Initiation' promises to be even more exciting with Jeff's presence, and many participants of the 1st one plan to return in 2008.

Initiation into Astrology is a living experience, a voyage to the Sun, Moon and planets that will expand the awareness of each participant. Beginners will enter a magical world of self-understanding that gives voice to the complexities of human experience. Advanced students will deepen their astrological skills and develop greater fluency in its brilliant language. This workshop is not an academic exercise, but an immersion experience in which body, mind and emotion connect with Astrology's ancient wisdom so you can apply it creatively to your life today.

During this intensive workshop the brilliant, and highly entertaining Astrologers Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine will be working together in a powerfully interactive way with one another and with all the workshop participants. We stand to reap the benefits of their vast intellectual resources, humor and personal and professional experience. As colleagues and close friends they are highly respectful of one another, and while complementary with one another their diverse approaches to astrology creates an energetic dialogue that makes learning astrology such a joy. Herein will lie much of the dynamism and energy that is the heart and promise of this workshop. Starting from the very basics we will journey with them in a very intimate and hands-on way into the magical, scientific, deeply psychological and spiritually charged world that is Astrology

We have chosen our starting time astrologically (view "opening" chart), and if you are a complete beginner don't be intimidated by this 'splash of hieroglyphics in a pie' ... by the end of the workshop you will know what it means!! Just before noon on October 7th we will begin our journey together.

We will meet daily in the meditation hall set on the grounds of Melati cottages. This is a beautiful large, spacious building, traditional Balinese style, open sided with a hardwood floor. It is in the middle of the ricefields with idyllic views in every direction. This hall is used regularly by up to 150 meditators so we will be more than comfortable there. The space is very calm and healing as it is used primarily for meditation and yoga.


The format for this workshop will be a combination of lecture material and experiential work involving in-depth discovery of astrology's principles. We will build fluency in the astrological vocabulary by team teaching and group work with both Rick and Jeff present throughout. The curriculum is designed to balance right and left brain approaches and connecting astrology's principles with the students' life experiences. There will be plenty of room for give and take among all the participants. Adding new elements each day will develop a logical framework for speaking and living astrologically that is designed to encourage the creativity of the participants.


Dates: October 6th through October 15th, 2008.
Everyone is required to arrive on October 6th so there will be time for acclimating and recovering from jet-lag (that night's accommodation are part of the Melati package).
Once everyone has arrived we will have a welcoming orientation meeting in the Meditation Hall, this will be held in the evening of October 6th, or early morning on the 7th if there are late evening arrivals.
On October 7th at approximately 11:30 am we will gather in the Main Meditation Hall to start this journey together at our official opening time of 11:56 am.

Daily Schedule
6:30am - 8:00am ~ Optional Daily Yoga
7:00am - 8:45am ~ Buffet Breakfast for Melati Cottages residents.
9:00am -1:00pm ~ Morning Session
1:00pm - 4:30pm ~ Lunch/Relaxation Break~ Buffet Lunch for Melati residents.
4.30-6:00pm ~ Afternoon Session

Because many participants are restricted as to their time in Bali, we will have a half day midway through the seminar. Rick and Jeff will teach a joint session that morning that will end around 1 pm. This will leave a half day and evening to explore the island, go to the beach, shop or to spend an ecstatically hedonistic time in one of the spas.

Evenings Free... although there will be exceptions. Rick and Jeff may add impromptu sessions to cover additional material as needed. Evening events could include short 45-minute sessions used for touch-up with beginners or more detailed work with advanced students.

On October 15th, the last day of the workshop, which is also the Full Moon, at 6am in the morning we will head for an ancient Balinese temple in a town called Tampak Siring. Here we will join the local people in a ritual bathing/purification ceremony followed by a temple blessing. This is of course an optional event, and women during their cycle do not participate. That evening there will be another optional group trip to watch a Kecak(fire) Trance dance. This will be paid for individually(approx $10US). We will have a teaching session between the time we return from the temple, around 10.30am, until 1pm, and then our closing session from 2~4pm. There will then be a break before we go to the dance performance. After the dance we will go to a lovely local restaurant and have our final celebration together(again paid for individually).

There will be an optional 2-day tour of the Buddhist temples of Borobudur on the island of Java following the workshop, October 16th and 17th
Please go to Borobudur Tour for more information.

Requirements: This workshop will be of great value to anyone with an interest in astrology, from the greenest to the most seasoned professional. No experience is too much or too little...
just come with a completely open mind please.

Readings: We invite people to bring charts with them to Bali for the purpose of sharing with the group. We have an LCD projector.
Recording: We are planning a professional quality recording of the whole workshop, and this will be available through Andrew Sylte's web-site. More information on this will be given later. Participants are welcome to record the program themselves, but only from where they are seated, it is too distracting to everyone if people constantly get up and down and place things in front of the speakers. We thank you for understanding.

Rick and Jeff will provide printed material to support the coursework.
Rick Levine

Jeff Jawer

Evelyn Roberts

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