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Introduction to Digital Photography
Jean Fogelberg

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
April 19 - 26, 2015

For the beginner digital photographer who wants to take their photography to the next level, a photography workshop in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

In this workshop, Jean will teach you what the Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO settings on your Digital SLR camera are and how they affect your images. This, combined with an introduction to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom5®, will enable you to start getting the fabulous shots you see in your head, not the shots your camera thinks you want.

Much more than a workshop, this is a travel experience. Even the first-time traveler will find their time with us relaxing and inspiring. The people of San Miguel are known for their friendliness - even the taxi drivers cheerfully wave you to cross the street. Many workshop participants leave knowing they have made new friends.


"I fell in love with photography all over again!

I used to be a darkroom junkie. When digital took over I put photography aside, thinking it would never be the same. Little did I know! After taking Jean's class I feel competent and artistic again. This was the perfect course for the beginner DSLR user. Thanks Jean and Evelyn for a fabulous workshop!"

~ Evelyn E. Steiner



"I can not even adequately describe the feeling when you are in a beautiful place, with beautiful people that all think like you. We went on a day trip and all we wanted to do was capture the moment in time.

Jean gives you the skills to accomplish more than you can imagine. Her teaching methods are wonderful! She has a way of imprinting concepts in your brain with fun, imaginative exercises. Learning shutter priority with abstracts, learning light and dark with pocketbooks...it may not make sense to you but if you were in that classroom you will never forget it. I highly recommend this course and this experience! Evelyn Roberts took so much care with the details of our trip, and she paid attention to costs so we all felt we got value for our investment.
Well done ladies!"

~ Christine Indelicato Rudkin



"Superb photography workshop for those just starting out or someone wanting a refresher course. The amount of individual time with Jean and creative inspiration were well beyond what I expected! From shooting portraits, abstracts, night and early mornings, manual mode and getting started in Lightroom 5 this was a week of expanding one's photographic skill set.

Truly a memorable experience filled with valuable learning, great food, fun day trips and amazing people. Heartfelt thank you to Jean and Evelyn!!"

~ Kelly Burke


"The digital photography course was all I'd expected, and so much more. Jean was an excellent presenter - giving us new information in an orderly and well thought out manner. She continually reviewed the previous day's learning, and gently prodded us to expand our skills each and every day. I ventured into abstract photography, an area I'd never attempted or considered, and I can't wait to have time to do more with colors and shapes.

Jean did an amazing job with presentation of camera settings, exposure info, and challenging us to keep stretching ourselves. The handouts were excellent, and the daily reviews were just what I needed. I've already recommended the course to several friends, and hope we can all do one together someday!"

~ Dot Drobney


"I recently had the privilege of attending a photography workshop presented by Jean. What a wonderful experience! Despite reading my camera manual in the past, I felt totally confused and had no understanding of the impact or how to control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

After experiencing Jean’s interactive teaching style and creative documentation of each function, I now feel capable of using my camera in modes other than automatic! I have already taken a few practice shots using my new knowledge and was excited with difference her instruction has already made. I can’t wait to spend more time perfecting my new knowledge! Thanks Jean!"

~ Cynthia M.


"I had the pleasure of attending a photography workshop recently with Jean. She was warm and welcoming, and her teaching style was effective and supportive. She has the unique ability to take a complicated concept and break it down into 'layman's' terms.

She had great cues to assist in the understanding of the concept. I 'get' why her photographs and the rest of her art are so amazing. She has a beautiful spirit and her obvious knowledge is apparent in her instruction."

~ Penny Kipley



Our hotel, Villa Mirasol, is on one of the many photogenic cobblestone streets, just a few blocks from the Plaza Allende in the El Chorro neighborhood, where the village of San Miguel was moved to in 1555. A popular gathering place where mariachi bands roam and locals sit under the laurel trees, the plaza is also known as "El Jardin", or, "The Garden", and is home to "La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel", the amazing cathedral we will shoot both at night and in the first rays of the morning light.


• Full tuition with Jean for 6 days

• Breakfast at Villa Mirasol

• Refreshment table available during classes

• Class materials

• Day trip to the Mercado de Artesanias Crafts Market

• Day trip to Guanajuato

• Meals on day trips

• Trip to the Mayan Baths on the final day

• Closing evening Dinner buffet at the Baths (drinks not included)

• Post-workshop instruction and discussion through private Facebook group page.

Cost: $1,750

Hotel, travel expenses, and most meals are the responsibility of the workshop participant. We are, however, happy to assist in any way we can.

In order to give everyone personalized attention we are limiting this workshop to 12 participants. With such limited space, early registration is recommended.


Tentative Workshop Itinerary
(Session content will remain flexible to accommodate the needs of the group, at Jean's discretion.)


Arrival day - Saturday, April 18th. Introductory Dinner together at a nearby restaurant (to be paid for individually). We will schedule this when we know everyone's arrival time.

Day One - Sunday, April 19th: Introduction - full workshop day.

Day Two - Monday, April 20th. Full workshop day.

Day Three - Tuesday, April 21st. Full workshop day.

Day Four - Wednesday, April 22nd. A completely free day to shoot, shop, and relax. Optional visit to the fabulous Mercado de Artesanias Crafts Market, where we'll treat you to lunch at our favorite Market stall.

Day Five - Thursday, April 23rd. Day trip to Guanajuato to experience another part of Mexico and to test our new skills there. We'll treat you to lunch. We will then work in Adobe Lightroom® during a short evening session after our return.

Day Six - Friday, April 24th. Half workshop day. Morning class, then after lunch, free day to shoot, shop, and relax. Jean will be available for additional instruction.

Day Seven - Saturday, April 25th. Full workshop day. At 6:30 pm we'll head over to the Rosewood Hotel to their Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar (drinks and tapas not included in workshop package) to shoot the city skyline.

Day Eight - Sunday, April 26th. Final workshop gathering until noon. At 4pm we'll travel to the wonderful Mayan Baths, where we'll soak, treat you to a buffet dinner and enjoy our last evening together.

Departure Day - Monday, April 27th. We depart for home with all our newfound skills, and a wonderful beginning portfolio of images of Mexico!


What You Will Need For The Workshop

1. A digital SLR camera with a mode dial with Manual and Automatic settings. Don't forget to bring your battery charger.


Click here to see an example of a good beginner's DSLR

2. Your favorite standard, zoom, and wide angle lenses, or one wide angle to zoom lens. Click here to see an example of a wide to zoom lens.

3. A memory card with at least 16GB capacity.

4. A built-in or separate plug-in memory card reader.

5. A backpack for your gear. If you don't have one, click here for a good, inexpensive one.

6. A laptop with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom5® software installed.

7. A tripod. If you don't have one, click here for a good, inexpensive one.

8. Highly recommended, but not required, a pen tablet.

9. Sensible walking shoes or sandals. The streets are old cobblestones.

10. It's Mexico, in April. Bring a hat, cool clothing and sunscreen. There are plenty of places to buy anything you need if you forget something, but be prepared for warm days and a few cool nights.


Daily Workshop Schedule

7:30 - 8:30 am - Breakfast - included in the hotel price if staying at Villa Mirasol.

9:00 am - 12:00 pm - Morning session (Refreshment table with coffee, tea, and juice provided.)

12:00 - 3:00 pm - Lunch, Siesta, Shoot, Shop

3:00 - 6:00 pm - Afternoon session (Refreshment table with coffee, tea, and juice provided.)

Session content will remain flexible to accommodate the needs of the group, therefore we also need to stay somewhat fluid on our schedule times. If you are booking massages or other appointments, please make them during the free periods, after 6:45 pm, or on the free day.

Any class schedule changes will be at Jean's discretion.


Workshop Registration





The workshop will be held in the Villa Mirasol Hotel, a lovely old colonial hotel, full of charm and character, yet with all modern amenities. The hotel sitting room is where we will be meeting and it is the perfect location for the kind of work we will be doing, with tables and chairs and a large screen for viewing Jean's computer instructions.


We strongly recommend staying at Villa Mirasol with the majority of workshop participants. In the past we have found that participants staying off-site miss out on many unexpected or spontaneous forays and events.

We can accommodate approximately 12 students on-site at Villa Mirasol, therefore we recommend making reservations early.

Several rooms at the hotel can be shared occupancy, please let us know if you are willing to be roomed with someone you do not know, (same gender of course). We will do our very best in assisting people to find room-mates, if however you take a double room and we cannot find you one, you will be responsible for the full cost of the room.
Full details on rooms and reservations at Villa Mirasol

San Miguel has a plethora of other lodging options, from budget to ultra luxurious. We have a few recommendations, and for convenience sake we have limited them to those within close (ish) proximity of the workhop venue. The area is quite hilly, so staying anywhere far away will generally involve taking a taxi, which of course some students may not mind.

The lovely Casa Schuck is about a 5 minute easy walk away from Villa Mirasol.


There is also a sister site of Casa Schuck, named Casa Cordelli It is further up the hill (walking distance is 15 minutes and is UPHILL going home) but with incredible views. A 3rd property is Villas San Miguel.

Up a hill, but with amazing views (and an easy taxi-ride away), San Miguel's #1 rated B&B on TripAdvisor, is Antigua Capilla.


Another option we recommend for participants is the charming B&B Casa Calderoni, about a leisurely 8 minutes walk from Villa Mirasol, and central to everything, but on a gorgeous little quiet side street.

For more alternative accommodation options please look here.

There is something for every budget to be found in this area, from the simplest and most affordable to the utmost "lap of colonial luxury". If several people are traveling together they may want to look into sharing a house.

The budget conscious may also consider the following:

Global Freeloaders
A wonderful site for those willing to host someone else in their own home, no charges or fees involved.


A very reasonable way to find rooms or houses, especially if several people are attending together.


Contact Jean

Contact Evelyn



The following penalties will apply on all cancellations:
Minimum fee $500 per person
31-75 days prior to workshop - 50% of package price
0-30 days prior to workshop - 100% of package price.


Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.