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Mysteries of the Dark Moon
and the Sacred Feminine

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
Demetra George

April 6-10, 2013

Blending astrology, mythology, spirituality, and autobiographical journaling in the mystical high desert of Mexico, we will delve into cycles and phases of the Moon as they chart the rhythm of cyclical beginnings, culminations and endings over the course of our lives.

During this inner journey of self-discovery, we will seek to understand and integrate the past as well as to set an intentional clarity for the future. The dark phase of the Moon is potent with regenerative power which is the central mystery of the feminine nature.


No prior astrological experience is necessary to attend, this workshop will be just as enriching and valuable for the absolute beginner as for the seasoned professional astrologer.

Day One (Sat April 6th): The Lunation Cycle and Our Natal Moon Phase

Day Two (Sun April 7th): Lifetime Lunar Phases and the Our Dark Moon Transitions

Day Three (Mon April 8th): A completely free day for relaxation and fun in San Miguel de Allende

Day Four (Tues April 9th)
: Dark Goddess Archetypes in Our Chart: Hecate, Lilith, Medusa, Moira, Persephone

Day Five (Wed April 10th): Women's Blood Mysteries and Our Three Progressed Moon Cycles New Moon Chart

Final Gathering (late afternoon/evening April 10th): A Ritual of Renewal - Dreaming Our Dreams of the Future as We Bathe in the Sacred Springs.

mayan baths

Pictures from our last group at the Mayan Baths...

We have reserved the entire Mayan Baths for our group, so it will be a contemplative, renewing and totally private experience for us all.

We will begin this retreat as the waning Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune and then dissolves into darkness, go deep into the mysteries, and then emerge with our rites of renewal at the New Moon.

**Despite the female oriented title of the workshop, the subject is archetypal and fully relative to either gender, men are completely welcome**


Daily schedule

Day 1, April 6th opening chart, we will be meeting:

10:00 am-1:00 pm - lunch break/siesta - 4:00-6:15 pm

Every other day:

7:30-8:30 am - Breakfast if staying at Villa Mirasol

9:00 am-12:00 pm -Morning Session (with a mid morning tea/coffee break

12:00 pm - Lunch

12:00-3:00 pm - Siesta (or shoppping!)

3:00-5:15 pm - Afternoon Session (with a short refreshment break)

triple moon

* Workshop Package*

  • Full tuition with Demetra for 4 days, approximately 5 hours a day
  • Tea and Coffee at breaks
  • Set Lunch for the 4 days of the workshop, no lunch on the day off
  • Trip to the Mayan Baths on the final New Moon Day, it is a 20 minute drive from SMA, taxi-fare included
  • Closing evening Dinner buffet at the Baths (drinks not included)
  • Personalised Class Materials

Cost: $875

Hotel and all travel expenses are the responsibility of the student, we are however happy to assist in any way we can.



For this particular workshop we require everyone to submit their birth data (date, time, place) with registration, and everyone will receive a packet of the charts and supplementary material we will use in our process. If you do not know your time of birth, you can order a copy of your original birth certificate (not the birth record) from the government offices of the Bureau of Vital Statistics in state capitol in which you were born.

Highly Recommended reading

dark of the Moon
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The workshop will be held in the Villa Mirasol Hotel, a lovely old colonial hotel, full of charm and character, yet with all modern amenities.

The hotel sitting room is where we will be meeting and it is the perfect location for the kind of work we will be doing. We have already held one workshop here, so we are familiar with the location and the staff, both of which are wonderful.


Lunch is included, and we will all convene in the dining room each day right after the morning session. There will be no lunch served on the day off.

Villa Mirasol is literally minutes from the center of San Miguel, and ideally located for restaurants, local marketplaces, sight seeing and all other attractions.



We can accommodate approximately 15 students on-site at Villa Mirasol, therefore we strongly recommend making reservations early.

Several rooms at the hotel are shared occupancy, please let us know if you are willing to be roomed with someone you do not know, (same gender of course).

We will do our very best in assisting people to find room-mates, if however you take a double room and we cannot find you one, you will be responsible for the full cost of the room.

Full details on rooms and reservations at Villa Mirasol


San Miguel has a plethora of other lodging options, from budget to ultra luxurious. We have a few recommendations, and for convenience sake we have limited them to those within close (ish) proximity of the workhop venue. The area is quite hilly, so staying anywhere far away will generally involve taking a taxi, which of course some students may not mind.

The lovely Casa Schuck is about a 5 minute easy walk away from Villa Mirasol.


There is also a sister site of Casa Schuck, named Casa Cordelli  It is further up the hill (walking distance is 15 minutes and is UPHILL going home) but with incredible views. A 3rd property is Villas San Miguel.

Up a hill, but with amazing views (and an easy taxi-ride away),San Miguel's #1 rated B&B on TripAdvisor, is Antigua Capilla.


Another option we recommend for participants is the charming B&B Casa Calderoni, about a leisurely 8 minutes walk from Villa Mirasol, and central to everything, but on a gorgeous little quiet side street.


For more alternative accommodation options
please look here

There is something for every budget to be found in this area, from the simplest and most affordable to the utmost "lap of colonial luxury". If several people are traveling together they may want to look into sharing a house.

The budget conscious may also consider the following:

Global Freeloaders
A wonderful site for those willing to host someone else in their own home, no charges or fees involved.

A very reasonable way to find rooms or houses, especially if several people are attending together.


Contact Demetra

Contact Evelyn



The following penalties will apply on all cancellations:
Minimum fee $500 per person
31-75 days prior to workshop - 50% of package price
0-30 days prior to workshop - 100% of package price


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