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A 7-day workshop

Carole Taylor and Jean Fogelberg

April 25th - May 3rd, 2018
Bayad, Ubud,

An opportunity to spend a week immersed in the study of the divinatory arts, while at the same creating something artistic and personal that will have practical and spiritual purpose in your everyday life. Many students will already appreciate the power, value, and connection experienced in using such divinatory tools as the tarot, animal, or goddess cards, etc.

Join us in this unique workshop in the rice fields of Bali, where you will have the opportunity to create your very own personal deck of oracle cards, using photographs, prints, clip art, stamps, or drawings.


From the beginning of history, most cultures have sought divine assistance through some form of oracular or divinatory practice. From the oracle bones of the African witch-doctors, the Pythia at Delphi and the ancient Confucian wisdom of the I Ching, to the relatively modern Tarot cards which emerged in Europe in the mid-15th century and the perennial practice of astrology, each culture offers its own form for this sacred dialogue.

At the heart of the oracle is a desire for access to knowledge beyond what is consciously known, whether the seeker understands such knowledge as divine or human in origin, the domain of the gods or of the collective and personal unconscious. According to the anthropologist Lévy-Bruhl, it is a sense of mystical participation which underlies such acts, a participatory mental attitude which displaces the ordinary world and allows for a connection to the perceived divine source of wisdom. From its supernatural source, the oracle or act of divination reveals hidden significances within the mundane world which are ordinarily hidden from view.

Our workshop will begin by taking in an overview of different oracular traditions and divinatory forms across a number of cultures, comparing each as part of a ‘cognitive continuum’ (to use the term created by Barbara Tedlock), from inductive/rational to intuitive/ecstatic forms, and seeing them in the context of the philosophy or cosmology in which they are set.

Carole Taylor will discuss ancient and contemporary ideas about the nature and source of oracular wisdom, from the ancient belief in dialogue with the divine through to Jung’s work on the transformative power of collective and personal symbols. We will look at different forms of cartomancy (divination using cards), including the Tarot, and how images potently convey meaning through the use of symbolic forms, colour, number, geometry and design. Such philosophical, historical, psychological and symbolical frameworks will be an important foundation from which to develop our creative work in making our own set of oracle cards, which will be our core task. Each set will be unique to the maker, reflecting universal archetypes but mediated through the vision of each individual participant.

At the end of the workshop, each of us will have made a set of cards which can be used to create our own divine connection and we will use them for ourselves and in divination for fellow participants in the workshop.

You do not need to be an artist to participate – far from it! All that is required is a willingness to work with symbols, myths and stories, and to work at crystallizing these into pictorial form. After careful distillation of archetypal ideas drawn from myth, art, psychology, astrological symbolism and our own life experiences, we will set about creating your own pesonal interpretations and vision.


Jean will assist you in creating the art for your cards - working with photographs, montage, stock images, and fonts. If you are new to PhotoshopCC, no worries, Jean will walk you through the steps needed to create your card template and place your images and text. Our goal will be to create one design for the back of your cards, and then three card fronts a day, which will give you a deck of 21, but you can do more, or less - it's up to you. If you decide to work with stock images, create an account with a Stock Photography website, such as:
123rf.com, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, or one of many more.

At the end of the workshop each design will be printed, creating your own unique deck of cards.
In addition, each participant will receive a beautiful silk bag, made by local craftswomen, in which to store their handmade oracle cards.



Arrival Day
Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
4:30 pm - Orientation and Introductions in the hall - Laksmi.
6:00 pm - We will share our first meal together.

Everyone is required to arrive today, and this night's accommodation is included. It is a day for recovering from jet-lag, meeting other students, having massages or relaxing by the pool. Only dinner is included this evening, but the restaurant will be open all day, and any other meals may be ordered and charged to your room.

DAY 1 - Thursday - April 26th
Workshop Day

DAY 2 - Friday - April 27th
Workshop Day

DAY 3 - Saturday - April 28th
Workshop Day

DAY 4 - Sunday - April 29th
Workshop Day

Day 5 - Monday - April 30th
Rest Day

This day is a Full Moon, so in the morning we will head for an ancient Balinese temple in a town called Tampak Siring. Here we will join the local people in a ritual bathing/purification ceremony followed by a temple blessing. This is of course an optional event, and women during their cycle do not participate. Students may take the rest of today to do whatever they choose, either staying on the property or exploring some other part of Bali. Meals will still be inclusive for those staying on-site. There will be no yoga class today although students may use the hall for their own practice.

Day 6 - Tuesday - May 1st
Workshop Day

Day 7- Wednesday - May 2nd
Workshop Day

Day 8 - Thursday - May 3rd
Last Workshop Day

Day 9 - Friday - May 4th
Departure Day - some students will leave early in the morning for Java


Borobudur Temple Tour

May 4 - 5, 2018



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Workshop Facilitators

Carole Taylor is a professional astrologer, teaching for the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK and working in private practice. She has a longstanding interest in divinatory practices and traditions, including Tarot, the I Ching and astrology itself as a divinatory art. She holds an MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred (with distinction), an exploration of the creative imagination via symbol, myth, the work of Ficino, the art of the Renaissance, oracular traditions, and sacred experience in the mystery cults of the ancient world.


Jean Fogelberg is a professional photographer, artist, fabric designer, musician and instructor. She has taught photography and Photoshop® workshops with Heaven and Earth in Mexico, Bali and Cornwall, with a workshop in India coming up in 2019.


What you will need for this workshop

If you're an artist and intend to use drawings, paintings, or stamps to create your cards,
bring any art supplies you will need.


If you intend to use photographs to create your cards you will need a digital camera or iphone.


If you are an artist who works on their computer, bring your laptop.




$2,250 - Single Occupancy / $1,675 - Shared Occupancy

Payment in full by March 10th, 2018



  • Full tuition with Carole Taylor & Jean Fogelberg for 7 days.
  • A finished set of your own personalised cards, in a decorative bag.
  • Daily yoga for 7 days.
  • 9 nights accommodation at Rahasia Manis
  • Breakfast for 9 days, lunch for 8 days, dinner for 8 days
  • A visit to the Holy Springs on the morning of the Full Moon
  • Ground transfers in Bali, (between the airport and Rahasia Manis only, no exceptions), if arrival or departure is within 3 days before or after the actual workshop dates.

Cancellation Policies
(We've been left at the altar before, so we have some trust issues!)

For ALL cancellations more than 75 days before a workshop there is a
$500 cancellation fee.

For ALL cancellations 0 - 75 days before a workshop, the fee is
100% of the workshop package price.

If a situation arises where we have to cancel a workshop,
100% of monies received will be refunded.

We require that all participants have travel/health insurance to participate in any Heaven and Earth workshop. Participation requires physical proof of coverage. From our own experience we personally choose World Nomads. There are however many reputable companies to choose from, so we advise all participants to shop around.

Please only address questions about the actual course work with Carole or Jean, they have no involvement whatsoever with the logistical, practical, financial or organisational running of this workshop. All questions regarding these matters should be directed to Evelyn Roberts.


Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.