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Bernadette Brady, Nick Campion, Liz Greene and Rob Hand

June 13 ~ 20, 2010

Arriving from all corners of the world, we met in the charming town of Church Stretton, set amongst the beautiful Stretton Hills of Shropshire, England, close to the border of Wales. We chose this spectacular setting because of its convenient location, natural beauty, walking trails and the many places of historical interest close by. It is rural England in its glory.

We experienced six days of cutting edge morning lectures, and afternoon conversations between four of our greatest innovative and pioneering minds in the field of astrology today.

We sat
with Bernadette Brady, Nick Campion , Liz Greene and Rob Hand "eavesdropping" as they shared ideas and discussed new and old astrological concepts. It was the stuff of history; as such forthright "meetings of great minds" so often provides the most fertile ground for the seeding of fresh revelations and deepening understanding.

We were privy to such an experience. This was a once in a lifetime gathering of four of our most beloved and esteemed astrologers, in a relaxed and leisurely setting for such a period of time.

Each speaker made a morning presentation on a subject of their choice, followed in the afternoon by our 4 presenters sharing a conversation on an astrological subject of pertinence to the times we are in, and/or close to their hearts.

The opening morning and closing afternoon were conversations between the four of them.


General Introduction and “What is Astrology”.

All four spoke for 20 minutes each, with time for debate and questions and discussion after and during each talk.

Sunday Afternoon ~ 2:00 pm ~ 5:15 pm ~ Rob & Nick, Liz and Bernadette.

 The Soul -  its changing nature and the question of its ability to be located in a horoscope.

 Reading list: Myth of Er, Dream of Scipio

Monday, June 14th, Morning ~ Rob Hand

The Polymorphic Nature of Astrological Symbolism, or the Many Ways in Which Things Can Work Out.

Every combination of symbols in astrology, signs, planets, houses etc. have a wide variety of possible manifestations. In this session Rob discussed the implications of this for both freedom of choice and self-realization.

Monday Afternoon ~ Rob, Nick, Liz and Bernadette

Fate and Destiny its nature and its role in astrology.  

Reading list:  This was all four of them but the suggested material for the delegates to read were:

Liz Greene, The Horoscope in Manifestation (CPA Press, 2001), Part One.

Bernadette Brady, Predictive Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark – The  Introduction, pp xi – xviii.

Bernadette Brady, Astrology a place in chaos. – Chapter 5, Living inside a Fractal.

Tuesday, June 15th, Morning ~ Bernadette Brady

The Horoscope and ‘the Other’.

Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Medieval philosophical themes provided three seemingly different approaches to the sky story at a given time or for birth, offering us an understanding of their relationship to the divine or the ‘other’.

Within Egyptian cosmology the phases of the stars provided the theme of the birth and death of gods with their ascent to the heavens and their descent to the earth through the star phases. Mesopotamian cosmology offered planetary phases the gods who descended through seven gates in order to enter the Underworld, and then remerged and ascended through the seven gates to rejoin the heavens.  Guido Bonatti, in the 13th century, discussed the image of God in a horoscope, and one’s personal view of the divine, and he also discussed the spiritual purpose of one’s life and whether or not you would fulfill this.  

As astrologers we can weave these Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Medieval philosophical themes together in order to suggest the nature of our personal relationship to the divine or the ‘other’.

Tuesday Afternoon ~
Rob, Nick, Liz and Bernadette

Inner and Outer, Psyche and World.

Our speakers addressed the issue of ‘inner’ and ‘outer’, events and psychological states, worldly and interior changes, and the idea of the imagination as the liminal zone and the soul’s ‘organ of perception’ in relation not only to astrological symbols but also what the study and practice of astrology do to people – and finally, what changes in consciousness through the use of the imagination might do to the understanding and expression of an ‘event’ on inner and outer levels.

Suggested reading:
Elliot Wolfson, Through a Speculum That Shines (Princeton University Press, 1994), pp. 52-73
C. G. Jung, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, Collected Works Vol. 9i (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1975), pp. 3-41
Peter T. Struck, The Birth of the  Symbol (Princeton University Press, 2004), Introduction and Chapter One, pp. 1-76


Wednesday, June 16th ~ Free Day. Delegates rested, walked, or visited Shrewsbury and/or Ludlow, 2 magnificent medieval towns within easy distance.


Thursday, June 17th, Morning ~ Nick Campion

Astrology, the New, the Old and the Modern.

Astrology was refocused and reformed by Alan Leo and Dane Rudhyar. They both believed that their astrology was new but that they were thereby tuning into ancient truths more effectively than traditional astrology could do. Nick examind Leo and Rudhyar, and related them to their antecedents – Plato, Aristotle, Zeno of Citium, Plotinus, Hermes Trismegistus and Johannes Kepler. Debate, discussion and disagreement was then encouraged!

Those wishing to prepare for this section read the Introduction to Rudhyar’s Astrology of Personality, if you have a copy, or access his article on ‘The Spiritual Value of Astrology from The Aquarian Agent, May 1970.


Thursday Afternoon ~ Rob, Nick, Liz and Bernadette

Origins of Astrology - Egyptian and Babylonian contribution to Western astrology (with Sky Maps of charts).

Reading List: Nicolas Campion History of Astrology Volume 1. Chapter 4 Mesopotamian Cosmos,  Chapter 6, Egypt: The Kingdom and the Sun.

Bernadette Brady: Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, pp 1 – 9 (Stellar theology)

Bernadette Brady: Star and Planet Combinations, pp 1- 10 (Star phases and the concepts of Salvation, the Nativity and the Resurrection).

Bernadette Brady : Delegates book marked this web site which is working with some of the translation from the Assyrian period of astrology and applying them to current sky maps. http://www.zyntara.com/starlight_newsletters.htm

Friday, June 18th, Morning ~ Liz Greene

Myth, Magic, and Transformation

This talk included discussions of the relationship of myth to astrology, the idea of astral magic and its role in the use of astrology and the development of astrological symbolism, and the idea of the transformation of the individual, from ancient ideas of the divinisation of the magus to contemporary ideas of psychological wholeness, healing, integration, and full expression of the birth chart.

Friday Afternoon ~ Rob, Nick, Liz and Bernadette

Horoscope reading from different mindsets.

As examples: classical horoscopes, modern, psychological,  humanistic, and so on. Their thinking here was not to read any charts but to talk about the different approaches to charts in the past as well as contemporary. 

Saturday Morning, June 19th ~ Group Discussion

Open Space

This was a time for discussing issues that emerged during the week that needed a voice. As a group we discussed beforehand the best use of this final session - and it served as time to fill in any gaps that emerged during our time together. 

Saturday Afternoon ~ Closing


Besides the suggested readings listed under individual talks, we suggested the following:


History of Western Astrology- Volume I Nick Campion

History of Western Astrology- Volume II Nick Campion

Articles and Printable Info

Plato's Timaeus

Scipio's Dream and Macrobius' Comment




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