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Patricia L. Walsh is an Evolutionary Astrologer certified by Jeffrey Wolf Green (author of Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul) in his school of Evolutionary Astrology. She is the author of 'Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy'.

She has been combining regression therapy and the astrological chart for the past eight years. Patricia is an intuitive Multi-Dimensional healer, a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP) practitioner and Chief US trainer for The Deep Memory Process Institute. DMP was founded by Dr. Roger Woolger (author of Other Lives, Other Selves). She specializes in healing work based in Shamanic principles: soul retrieval, working with ancestral and earthbound spirits and healing soul fragmentation caused by present and past life traumas.

"My spiritual journey has been lifelong. I started my personal work with my 'inner teachers' in my late teens. I received much teaching on the nature of 'reality', healing methods and techniques, working with earthbound spirits, the energy behind the physical world and how to listen and respond to the inner voice. Through most of my 20's and 30's, I passionately studied the works of Alice Bailey and different forms of Transpersonal Psychology. I believe the highest path of spirituality is the path of service (first to ones own soul then to others).

All forms of spirituality are sacred to me although the esoteric traditions and earth centered ways are closest to my heart. I have traveled in India, Australia, North and South America and most of Europe and am just as happy exploring and sharing spirituality in an Ashram or a Coven.

I have studied the unique paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology with Jeffrey Wolf Green and have been writing and lecturing on this, combined with Past Life work and research I have undertaken for the past twelve years.
Besides my 'inner studies' I have apprenticed with a Shamanic healer for the past 14 years in a unique one on one teaching that is still ongoing. I also completed a two year training and further two year apprenticeship in Deep Memory Process with Roger Woolger PhD.

I am now the Chief trainer for Woolger Training USA and teach a two year program in depth regression techniques internationally.

I have also been successful in business having worked in international publishing for over 20 years. I founded several companies and have also done international consulting in Germany, London and Paris. I worked in the music industry also as a manager and booking agent. I believe that one can be in the world... but not defined or trapped by it. I enjoy the challenge of keeping an intense inner focus while being active and successful in the outer world."




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"Patricia has created an invaluable work on behalf of Evolutionary Astrology generally, and to all students of this work specifically. Patricia Walsh is indeed one of those few men or women of wisdom who can accurately interpret the natal chart of each Soul. I can not more highly recommend this work to any serious student who endeavors to understand the true beauty of what Evolutionary Astrology is. Which is to be a true SOUL WORKER, who desires to help any Soul understand their own unique, individual, evolutionary journey that ultimately takes them back from where they began: God"..............
Jeffrey Wolf Green
Author of ...
Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul
Pluto Volume 2
Measuring the Night w/ Steven Forrest


"In the 30 years or so that I have investigated the phenomenon of past life memory and worked on developing a practical method to heal the soul’s inherited wounds (today called Deep Memory Process), I have naturally searched in the literature of astrology for validation and confirmation of my findings. But there is hardly a book written by an astrologer on past lives that I haven’t found disappointing. Even the few astrologers who claimed to practice regression to past lives with their clients for me had little of substance to offer, since, for the most part, they had no practical awareness of the deeper issues of psychotherapy.
Pat Walsh’s monumental and unique contribution to an authentic astrologically based psychotherapy of the soul is the book I personally have been waiting for. This ground-breaking book must surely be welcomed by all practicing astrologers, whether or not they use regression therapy or believe in reincarnation".......
Roger Woolger PhD
Author of
Other Lives, Other Selves
Healing Your Past Lives
The Goddess Within


Patricia is a frequent lecturer at international Astrology conferences, including, NORWAC, UAC, ISAR, Balkan Astrology Conference and many local chapters of astrological societies in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.


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