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Rick Levine - Shared Occupancy Only - Bali- $1,575 ($1,638 Paypal/CC)

Rick Levine - Tuition Only- Bali - $1,200 ($1,248 Paypal/CC)

FAS, India - Single Occupancy - India - $2,345 ($2,439 Paypal/CC)

FAS, India - Shared Occupancy - India - $1,825 ($1,898 Paypal/CC)

FAS, India - Tuition Only - India - $1,500 ($1,560 Paypal/CC)

Shared Occupancy Borobudur Tour (payment in full is required at registration) - $675 ($494 PayPal/CC)

Single Occupancy Borobudur Tour (payment in full is required at registration)- $725 ($546 PayPal

Single Occupancy Hampi Tour - $650 ($676 PayPal/CC)

Shared Occupancy Hampi Tour - $550 ($572 PayPal/CC)

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A minimum deposit of $500 is required at registration.
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Minimum fee $500 per person
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0-30 days prior to workshop - 100% of package price

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