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Experiencing the Spiritual Dimensions of Astrology



An eight-day Experiential Astrology Workshop
Rick Levine in Palolem, Goa, India

January 21 - 29, 2017

A regular speaker for Heaven and Earth Workshops in both Bali and Mexico, Rick is now bringing his talents to the idyllic beach area of South Goa.

Astrology has been used as a divination tool for centuries. However, modern astrologers now employ astrological concepts for the purpose of psychological process and spiritual development.

Imagine a full immersion astrological experience in paradise. Imagine spending eight days in an intimate setting with a small group of like-minded people exploring the cosmos. Whatever level of astrological experience you may have, this special retreat with astrologer Rick Levine will deepen your knowledge of astrology, widen your understanding of the world, increase your awareness of your own patterns, and forever alter your perspective of your relationship with time.



A Spiritual Approach to Astrology in A Spiritual Land

India has long intrigued and beguiled Western culture because of its rich spiritual tradition. Astrology, long excluded from Western culture, has played an integral role in the spiritual traditions of India. Our basic tool will still be the natal chart as we embark on a journey into the metaphysical dimensions of astrology. We will develop a new appreciation for the dance between the inner and the outer, the microcosm and the macrocosm as we explore the relationship between spirit and matter. Under Rick’s guidance, we’ll explore our assumptions about the universe and how these assumptions impact our astrological work. We will stretch our minds through a variety of experiential techniques to alter our basic assumptions and therefore alter the way we work with charts.




The birth chart is unrivalled in its power to describe a person’s character and potential; through its rich language of symbols, we connect to the evocative imagery of myth and its potential to reveal the inner world of the individual. It is a celebration of the uniqueness of each human being, and a means to understand the flow of life and our place in the world.

Astrology offers us a deeper understanding of ourselves, of our clients and the people around us, and a means by which to steer a course through every experience – here the signatures for the most testing of events can also provide the means to navigate them and, in the process, bring to life the aptitudes and talents waiting to be uncovered. Every birth chart is exceptional and any reading of a chart should affirm this and speak fully to the authenticity of the person's feelings and experiences.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wishes to practice their skills at reading birth charts and is open to students and practitioners alike. It will focus on the development of fluency in reading the chart, as we open our imaginations to its deeper potentials. With practice, we can stretch our understanding of the symbols, as we work to find the particular myths and stories embedded in each chart.



Goa is the perfect location for our course – its rich history, diverse culture and beautiful landscapes will be a colourful backdrop for the work we are doing, inspiring you to tap into your own creativity and develop skills at reading charts with imagination and confidence.





What you will need

You should have some prior knowledge of astrology and of working with charts. A basic working knowledge of the signs, planet and houses would be useful. If you have any questions about this, or about any other aspect of the work we will be doing, please feel free to contact Rick


A Few Words about Experiential Astrology

Astrology is most often used analytically. It’s primarily a mental activity. However, Experiential Astrology employs techniques to move the concepts out of the head and into the body. For example, through music, meditation, physical activities and interactive practices, astrological concepts are made to come alive. A large horoscope wheel drawn on the floor of the meeting area becomes the stage for a wide variety of processes, including “Astrodrama,” where each participant stands in his or her own chart with other participants play-acting major aspects and transits.

Together, we shall embark on a true magical mystery tour from an astrological perspective. However, each participant will go on his or her own journey, working with your own chart, your personal issues, from your individual perspective. Your personal growth will feed into the group process in a mutually supportive environment leading to a deeper understanding of how to best use the knowledge and the wisdom of the stars. Our focus will be natal chart work and transits, but always coming back to the soul’s perspective and the process of metaphysical evolution. A combination of group work and personal work will create a fabric for each person to get the most from this experiential cosmic adventure.

We normally think of the zodiac signs as stars in the sky. But the universe is intelligent and alive. The zodiac is a living zoo full of animals. Under Rick’s guidance, we’ll explore how these archetypal constellations animate our lives every day.





Dates: January 21st - 29th, 2017

Everyone is required to arrive on Friday, January 20th, so there will be time for acclimating and recovering from jet-lag (this night's accommodation is part of the Bhakti Kutir package).

Daily Schedule

7:30 am - 8:30 am - Buffet Breakfast for Bhakti Kutir residents.

9:00 am - 10:45 am - Astrology Session

10:45 am - 11:05 am -Break

11:05 am - 1:00 pm - Astrology Session

1:00 pm - Lunch Buffet for those on the Bhakti Kutir full package. Others will be welcome to purchase the buffet, or to order seperately from the menu.

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Afternoon Session on certain days.

** Some afternoons will be free after lunch for organized group activities, massages, or whatever individuals choose to do. And on some days we will adjust the hours to fit the activity. Nothing is mandatory, except for listening to yourself and acting accordingly. A large part of this journey to India will be the experience of this amazing and exotic land itself.

Excursions are included in the Bhakti Kutir "package" prices, and available to tuition only students for a per activity price. More details will be posted and sent to all attendees closer to the workshop dates.

Because many participants are restricted as to their time in Goa, we will have a full day off midway through the seminar.

Evenings Free

Daily Yoga Classes are available at Bhakti Kutir - paid for individually.

Please stay somewhat flexible around scheduling, much will depend on the group dynamic, while at the same time respecting individual needs.



Activity Schedule

Jan 20, Friday - Arrival and settling in, no breakfast or lunch at Bhakti Kutir. We will have an evening meeting/orientation if everyone has arrived by a reasonable time.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” (Socrates)

Opening the circle

Overview of retreat: What is to be examined?

Creating intention



Jan 21, Saturday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class.

Getting Started

We will begin our journey with an exploration of what it means to be spiritual. We will look at astrology in a historical context to understand the difference between a metaphysical and physical approach to astrology.

Lecture/Discussion Topics:

An Introduction to the Physics of Metaphysics

The Cultural Shift from Physical to Metaphysical

What is Spiritual Astrology? Can Astrology be “unspiritual”?

What does it mean to do astrology as a spiritual pursuit?

Experiential Exercises

Working with Astrological Concepts from a Spiritual Perspective

Fire, Earth, Air, Water: A Spiritual Approach to the Four Elements


Jan 22, Sunday - Class, snack, Galgibaga Beach Boat Trip and buffet picnic at Surya's wonderful Beach Cafe

Physical vs. Metaphysical Planets

Physical: Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn
Transitional: Moon, Mercury, Jupiter
Metaphysical: Nodes, Cardinal points, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Deep space points

We will work our way through the planets to understand the material and spiritual components of each and what practices we can employ to use each planet on our spiritual journey. We’ll start with Mercury as the key to understanding the material-to-spiritual process.

Additional Lecture Topics:

Spiritual Technologies

Pythagoras and the Order of the Golden Apple

Hermetic Principle: The difference between knowing and not-knowing


Jan 23, Monday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class.

Continue on our journey through the inner planets,
along with chart work and experiential exercises


Jan 24, Tuesday - Class, lunch, Spice Farm trip Spice Farm Photos

Lunar Nodes
Planetary Nodes
Deep Space Phenomena
The Outer Planets


Jan 25, Wednesday - Class, lunch, and then we will take an excursion to the legendary Anjuna Flea Market,(about an hour and a half drive) possibly arriving home rather late! Anjuna Photos

Topic for the day:
Physical and Metaphysical Aspects

Physical: Conjunctions, Squares, Oppositions, Trines, Sextiles
Transitional: Semisextiles, Quincunxes
Metaphysical/Spiritual: Quintiles, Septiles

Working with aspects in our charts
Aspects and Astrodrama


Jan 26, Thursday - Free Day. Relaxation and optional day trip to Gokharna, a traditional pigrimage village about 60km away. Breakfast is included but there is no inclusive lunch at Bhakti Kutir today.


Jan 27, Friday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class.

Lecture Topics:
Homeostasis: maintaining balance in an imbalanced world
Homeopathy: Where medicine goes metaphysical

Participant Charts:
Working with transits and progressions as a spiritual practice


Jan 28, Saturday - Class, lunch, late afternoon Class. Closing. Group Evening Meal. Farewells for those not going on to Hampi.

New Moon in Aquarius Ritual

Lecture Topics:
Death, Birth & Reincarnation
Relationship as a Spiritual Practice
(Ram Dass: “Relationships are the Yoga of the West”)

More Participant Charts:
Working with transits and progressions as a spiritual practice


Jan 29, Sunday - Departure and Optional 4 day excursion to Hampi. We will be catching a 7:10 am train, so leaving from Palolem at around 5:30 am.





Prices are in US Dollars - Currency Conversion

Please note: prices subject to change without prior notice. If you have made a deposit we will honour the price you signed up for.

$1,975 USD - This package includes full accommodation, 2 meals a day (no lunch on day one or the day off), Turtle Beach boat trip and picnic, Spice Farm tour, and Anjuna Flea Market trip. Flights and ground transportation not included, but we will be happy to assist with all arrangements.

$1,675 USD - Shared Occupancy, with the same inclusions and activities as above.

A Shared Occupancy rate is not guaranteed unless you actually sign-up with a room-mate, we will however do our very best to provide you with one. However, please be prepared to pay the full single price if we cannot find you a room-mate.

$1,300 USD - Tuition only price: includes attendance at the workshop only. These participants may independently choose to have meals at Bhakti Kutir and join in additional activities at a per activity additional cost.

Credit Card Payments can be made through PayPal only. There is a 4% service charge on all payments through PayPal or Credit Card.


Optional Hampi Trip


January 29 - February 2nd, 2017


Registration & Payment

Travel Plans


**All inclusive activities are optional and non-transferable, and there will be no substitutions or refunds for non-participation. Thank you for understanding.**



Contact Evelyn

Airfares are not included in any packages (except for the Borobudur Tour).

Workshop participation cannot be confirmed without a deposit, no exceptions.

Cancellation Policies

For ALL cancellations more than 75 days before a workshop there is a $500 cancellation fee.
For ALL cancellations 31 - 75 days before a workshop, the fee is 50% of the workshop package price.
For ALL cancellations 0 - 30 days before a workshop, the fee is 100% of the workshop package price.
If a situation arises where a workshop has to be cancelled, 100% of monies received will be refunded.


Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.