We are offering 3 work scholarships to each of the "Heaven and Earth Workshops" astrology workshops scheduled for 2008 and 2009. We have 2 programs scheduled each year, therefore we have 6 scholarship places available per year.

Please clearly state which workshop you are applying for, and please only apply for one at the offset.

Recipients will receive full tuition, accommodation, 2 meals a day and ground transportation in Bali. Ground transportation will be provided but not paid for if you arrive or depart more than 3 days before or after the workshop dates. Scholarship recipients will be responsible for their own air-fares, dinners and recreational expenses.

The "work" will entail assisting the facilitator and speakers in keeping everything running smoothly during the program. Duties will run from setting up and breaking down the hall, taping the talks and maintaining the technical aspects of the program, running errands, helping out the speakers... and general gofer-type work. We feel confident that can we can guarantee at least 80% attendance of the workshop to those participating in this scholarship program, and the students in our previous programs were able to attend almost 100% of the sessions.

We are offering scholarship places to astrologers going through, or pre their 1st Saturn Return, which of course in earthbound terms refers to those 30 years old or under!

Dependent on how full the workshop is, the largest room at Melati Cottages will be used dorm-style by this group. It is lovely, with plenty of room for a mixed gender group to have adequate privacy. Should an over-flow occur at the hotel you will be housed just adjacent to Melati. And rest assured... there is NO such thing as an unpleasant accommodation in this area!

We ask that only those with a solid desire, commitment, energy level and the ability to make it happen apply. Scholarship places will only be confirmed with proof of purchase of an airline ticket.

Kindly write to the email address below stating your interest, and provide us with your level of astrological knowledge, birth data, plus a 500 word or less original essay on any astrological theme.

We receive many letters asking us to consider other age groups for scholarship places. Out of fairness to everyone making such great efforts to attend and all the younger astrologers who are applying, we will not be making any exceptions to this policy. Please only apply for a scholarship if you are 30 or younger.

We have tailored our prices for this project to succeed, so beyond our scholarships, special rates for "young astrologers", early bird specials, and the 20% "tuition only" discount for groups of over 12, we are unable to offer any other price reductions.

E-mail Evelyn Roberts:


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