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Jeff Jawer & Rick Levine
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

November 5th - 12th, 2011

Astrologers Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer met for a very special week in magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, as they mapped out the years ahead by applying astrological trends to individual birth charts in intellectually stimulating and emotionally moving ways that anyone could understand and put to practical use.

 The world does not end in 2012.

Humanity is now in the second stage of a self-discovery process that began in the 1960s. We're wiser and older this time around and have sharper tools for shaping our future. Astrology uses the cosmic ingredients of the planets, signs and aspects to better understand how we can positively impact our personal and collective trajectories. We've already been served some powerful planetary appetizers (Saturn opposed Uranus in 2008-2010 and Saturn squared Pluto in 2009-2010... with a Jupiter-Uranus chaser in 2010-2011). Now we are ready for the main course: The transformational Uranus-Pluto square of 2011-2015.

 The Real and Ideal: A New Balance for Humanity

The alchemists were interested in transforming lead (the real, the material world of Saturn) into gold (the ideal, the light of the Sun). An alembic, a special container, was required for this distillation process. This retreat was an experiential exploration of alchemical astrology that enabled each participant to strengthen his/her alembic (intention), balance the cosmic forces at work, and aid in the metamorphosis of consciousness and society.

Manifesting Dreams

Rick and Jeff directed the group through an evolutionary process guided by astrology. They guided participants through the river of time, demonstrating how history unfolds to the rhythm of the planets. Rick and Jeff helped each group member use Saturn to anchor her/himself with purpose. This was a hands-on retreat/workshop about defining dreams and making them real. The week involved group work, individual chart analysis, and transformational exercises that led each person to clarify her/his intention with concrete ideas that were grounded in reality.


Rick and Jeff's capacity to bring complex concepts down to earth made this an ideal seminar for astrology beginners, advanced students and professionals. Instead of passively watching change as helpless bystanders, the language of astrology illuminated the incredible challenges and opportunities of these times in ways to help us fulfill our human potential and consciously create our future together.


To attend this workshop, basic understanding of the signs, planets and houses was helpful, easily gleaned through a little preliminary reading. However no experience was too much or too little.




$850 - per person registration

The price included full attendance at the workshop, and coffee/tea at morning breaks, and a set lunch, (lunch beverages to be paid for individually).

Airfares, ground transportation and accommodations were the participants responsibility - we are however most happy to give assistance with these arrangements.

Possible extra curricular activities can be arranged through LifePath Center, and these include:

1. Day-trip to La Gruta thermal springs (includes lunch). This trip will start with a short visit to Atotonilco (a historic site), then la Gruta (thermal springs). Lunch will be taken there amongst beautiful grounds. The fee per person will include entrance fee to the La Gruta, lunch and a soft drink at La Gruta, tour and transportation - $45.00 US per person.

2. Guided Artensanas Mercado shopping tour (2 hours) - $17.00 US per person

3. Guided Fabrica Aurora art complex tour (1/2 day)- $25.00 US per person, lunch paid for separately. There are restaurants at the complex.

4. Guided Jardin Botanica tour (1/2/ day) - $30.00 US per person includes the entrance fee, guided tour and transportation.

5. Guided tour of Canada de la Virgen. - $45.00 US per person, includes, transportation, entrance fee, guided tour and a very Mexican lunch at El Xotolar, small ranch near the site.

These prices are based on a minimum of 3 people participating.

Airport shuttle service from Leon and Queretaro arranged for $30 usd per person, each way.

There are also many healing practitioners connected to the Center, please look through what they have to offer. We will have many attendees and limited free time, in order to avoid disappointment we recommend you make appointments ahead of time.

Please be in touch directly with Beverly Nelson to reserve tours, airport transfers, and with any questions about practitioners and to book appointments.




Rick Levine

Jeff Jawer



We are highly fortunate in that we held the workshop in the beautiful LifePath Center. This is a gorgeous 300 year old authentic Mexican Hacienda, converted into a healing center, that maintains every bit of its authentic old world charm. It is within very easy walking distance to the heart of San Miguel, and yet a world completely unto itself. We held our daily classes in a large airy meeting hall.


We are especially grateful to our hosts at LifePath, this being the 2nd time that Beverly Nelson and Joseph Dispenza generously supported us in their community … and this time we had the added good fortune of being guests in their very own recently acquired center.

LifePath Center


Up a hill, but with amazing views (and an easy taxi-ride away),San Miguel's #1 rated B&B on TripAdvisor, Antigua Capilla is offering our group special also discounts also. Their prices normally range from $149 -$189, and e.g. on a 5-night stay, participants will pay for 4 nights and receive the 5th night free, and on 7-10 day stay, 2 nights will be free. To receive this special rate please mention LifePath and your rate will be automatically adjusted, the Center will send you an email to confirm your discount.


The lovely Casa Schuck is offering us a 10% discount on their posted rates for stays of over 7 days, and they are about a 5 minute easy walk away from LifePath.


There is also a sister site of Casa Schuck, named Casa Cordelli  It is further up the hill (walking distance is 15 minutes and is UPHILL going home) but with incredible views. A 3rd property is Villas San Miguel. The same deals apply with these 2 properties as for Casa Schuck. Again please mention the Center when making reservations.


An alternative economical choice is Casa Crayola, named so because it is so wonderfully colourful! This is an ideal spot for those looking for something cosy yet affordable. It is about a 12 minute stroll from the workshop venue, or a $2 taxi ride.

1 2

The casitas are around $75 per night, with some doubles and a few triples for that price. These units are completely self-catering so great for anyone on a budget.

There is space for about 16 people at Casa Crayola, double or triple occupancy.

The centro of San Miguel, major shopping areas, and the workshop venue itself, are a short 5-7 minute walk away. Within a block are several internet cafes, two bakeries, a small has-everything store, and a pharmacy.

Casita amenities include: Cable TV; Wireless Internet Access; Kitchenette with Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, and Cooking Utensils; Linens; Gardens & Fountains; Maid Service.



Another option we recommend for participants is the charming B&B Casa Calderoni, about a leisurely 8 minutes walk from Casa Luna, and central to everything, but on a gorgeous little quiet side street.

When booking directly through them, again please mention our program.


For more alternative accommodation options
please look here

There is something for every budget to be found in this area, from the simplest and most affordable to the utmost "lap of colonial luxury". If several people are traveling together they may want to look into sharing a house.

The budget conscious may also consider the following:

Global Freeloaders
A wonderful site for those willing to host someone else in their own home, no charges or fees involved.


Homes for Exchange

Another great site that goes a long way in helping people to keep travelling, and very often in great comfort.

It is advisable to book accommodations as early as possible, as places do fill up.

For travel to Mexico please go to Travel Plans

Pre-Workshop Event at LifePath Center


The LifePath Center in San Miguel de Allende owns the beautiful facility where we met, and they count as our hosts and primary supporters in this lovely, progressive community. Our opening workshop was open to the general public and held on Saturday, November 5th, from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm in the LifePath Center itself, a payment of 50 pesos was made at the door (with the exception of for pre-registered workshop participants).

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