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Borobudur Buddhist Temples

Join Heaven and Earth Workshops for its exclusive tour of the great 9th century Buddhist temples of Borobudur in the mountains of Java, Indonesia.


This tour is offered as an optional addendum to the Heaven and Earth Workshops being held in Bali. The day after the workshop ends, participants will fly to Yogyakarta, Java (a one hour drive to the airport in Bali, and then a one hour flight to Yogyakarta).There is then an hour and a half drive to the small town of Borobudur, the location for this magnificent temple.


We will be staying at a hotel very close to the main site and will spend 2 days in this beautiful area.


The architecture of the temples is a mandala, a contemplative image of wholeness, into which we will journey. Within sight of two ancient volcanoes, this area is astoundingly beautiful. You will be shown the architectural and spiritual significance of this complex of temples by an expert guide.Your guide and escort from Bali to Java is one of our best drivers, Qu-ll. The workshop speakers may or may not go, and this is not an extension of the programme itself, but an added and spectacular feature that we offer through popular demand. 

There will be ample time for relaxation and for experiencing the unique and different culture of Java.
We will have the opportunity to do some shopping at a wonderful street market in Yogyakarta, a centre for some of the most beautiful batiks in Indonesia.




Leave Bali for Yogyakarta from Denpasar airport. The time of departure will depend on the flight schedules, which are changeable, but it will be in the morning. 

For the convenience and comfort of everyone, only carry-on bags will be taken on this excursion. 

The flight is 1 hr only and there is also a 1 hr time difference, and it is a stunningly beautiful flight, and when landing there is a magnificent view of Merapi. This is one of the largest active volcanoes in Indonesia and a sight to behold.

You will be met by a driver at the airport in Yogyakarta. 

From here you will drive to Borobudur, about an hour and 15 minutes away. You will arrive at the hotel right around check-in time. You may have lunch (paid for individually) at the hotel. You can, of course, eat somewhere else if you want. We chose this hotel partly because it is right opposite the temple and within easy walking distance. 

Relax in the hotel or by the pool for the afternoon. The hotel is called Saraswati and is lovely. If anyone wants to go and wander around Borobudur it is just a short walk away, if you go alone you will be responsible for your own entrance fee.


The following morning we will go to the temple at 4:15 am for sunrise and a guide will lead the tour for approx. 2 1/2 hours. The Muslim call to prayer at 4:00 am will be enough to get most people up at this hour!, if however some of the group wishes to "sleep in" they can come on their own once they are ready. If anyone wants to wander off on their own they can feel free to do so, also if anybody wants to go back to the hotel earlier than the rest of the group it is close enough to walk to. Please inform the group leader if you will be doing this.


There will be a breakfast buffet (included) at the hotel served between 7:30 - 10:30 am. Some may then want to just relax until check-out or else go back to the temple or explore the town itself.

Lunch (paid for individually) can be at the hotel or some other local restaurant.At about 2:30 pm the group will head back to Yogyakarta (in the nicely air conditioned van), arriving about 3:45 pm.

There is a marvelous street market full of batiks, silver and traditional crafts. It is a very pleasant area to just saunter around. Some of the most exquisite batiks in Indonesia are from this area, even the Balinese get excited about it! There will be just under 2 hours of free time to shop

At 5:30 pm the group will go for an early dinner at a unique and interesting local restaurant (paid for individually).

At around 7:15 pm you will be taken back to Yogyakarta airport to catch the 8:20 pm flight to Bali.

You will be met by drivers at Denpasar airport and from here everyone will go their separate ways, arriving back around 11:30 pm (going back of course the time jumps forward again!). 


These are approximate flight times only, as airline schedules do change but we will keep everyone current on this. We are of course 100% on hand to assist with travel plans, reservations and transportation.

Borobudur Tour Prices


Single Occupancy Option

$754 per person

Includes flight, single occupancy at the hotel, all transportation, 2 breakfasts,

entrance to the temples and guides fees.

Shared Occupancy Option
$676 per person

Includes flight, shared occupancy at the hotel for those traveling with a spouse or friend,

all transportation, 2 breakfasts, entrance to the temples and guides fees.

Lunches, dinners, drinks and optional tipping not included.



For more detailed information on the many magnificent sites we will be visiting please visit here.

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