Registration Guidelines

Please fill in the registration form to let us know which workshop you'll be attending, which package you're signing up for, and whether you'll be paying in full or making a deposit ($500 minimum).

Once you submit the form you'll receive an email from us asking what currency you'll be using

and arranging the payment method that suits your needs. 

All prices shown are in US Dollars - Currency Conversion


Please note, prices subject to change without prior notice,

but if you have made a deposit we will honour the price you signed up for.

Workshop participation cannot be confirmed without a deposit, no exceptions.

Airfares are only included in the Borobudur and Rajasthan tours.


Room Assignments


With all accommodation inclusive packages, we allocate rooms on a 1st sign-up basis, while taking into consideration any valid physical requirements or limitations individuals may have. Out of fairness to everyone, we do not take requests for particular rooms based on personal preference only.


Making Changes


On occasion, students decide they want to attend a workshop in a location other than the one they have already registered and paid for. Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer paid reservations from one workshop to another, for both administrative and logistical reasons. A participant can, however, cancel their original workshop reservation, pay the cancellation fee, and then register for the other workshop, paying all related deposits and fees. Out of fairness to everyone, we can make no exceptions on this. 

Thank you for your understanding.