Quantum Astrologer Rick Levine


Bayad, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


A regular speaker for Heaven and Earth Workshops in Bali, Mexico and India, Rick Levine is bringing his talents back to the magical tropical Island of Bali. This is Rick’s eleventh astrology retreat with Heaven and Earth Workshops and will combine the best of all his previous teachings.

Are you curious about astrology and want to learn more? Have you been reading daily horoscopes, watching YouTube videos and reading books about astrology, yet can’t put it all together? Or, perhaps you are a more serious astrology student and want to jumpstart your understanding to the next level. Whether or not you’ve ever looked at a chart, this 10-day intensive will boost your astrological fluency and enable you to make sense of a natal horoscope. Even if you are a long-time student, this Initiation Into Astrology immersion course will make astrology come alive in a way you can’t imagine.

This programme isn’t limited to learning through lectures. Rick is a master at Experiential Astrology and utilises techniques that make the planets and aspects come alive. There will be movement, astro-drama, planetary rituals, and more. We will start out slowly, laying the foundations with an introduction to the planets, signs, houses and aspects. Using the birth charts of each participant as a backbone for the curriculum, we will learn the foundation of reading a chart and learn how to unfold the timing of events in a person’s life using transits.

Take your astrology studies to the next level.


Rick Levine

Rick Levine is a world-renowned astrologer, scholar and author. He continues to be a widely respected voice in the global astrology community, giving professional talks and seminars around the world. He has a special gift for bridging the gaps between astrology and spirituality, science and religion, the head and the heart. Rick has been sharing his astrological wisdom through Heaven and Earth Workshops in Bali, Mexico and India since 2006. 

For nearly twenty years, millions of readers from around the world became acquainted with the relevance of astrology through Rick’s authentic daily horoscopes that appeared on Yahoo, AOL, Huffington Post, LA Times, and many other sites. Tens of thousands of serious astrology students view Rick’s teachings on YouTube.

Rick Levine is a founding trustee of Kepler College, co-founder (with Jeff Jawer) of and co-author of eight editions of Barnes and Noble’s annual Your Astrology Guide. He is the subject of Sacred Mystery’s DVD, “Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History.”

In February 2018, Rick was awarded the title of “The International Astrologer of the Year” at the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology’s 28th International Astrology Conference in Kolkata, India. In March 2019, he was awarded the “Fomalhaut Award for Astrological Excellence” in Istanbul, Turkey.


Rick Levine’s articles and poems have graced the pages many magazines and websites, including The Mountain Astrologer. He is a true modern-day wizard, a net-junkie, a lover of fine red wine and is rumored to have been initiated into his astrological studies by Pythagoras, himself. 

Imagine a Full Immersion Astrological Experience in Paradise

Imagine spending ten days in an intimate setting with a group of like-minded people exploring your individual relationship to the cosmos. Whatever level of astrological experience you may have, this special retreat with astrologer Rick Levine will deepen your knowledge of astrology, widen your understanding of the world, increase your awareness of your own patterns, and forever alter your perspective of your relationship with time. This workshop/retreat has something for everyone. Are you a beginner? This is a chance to jump in and get acquainted with the basics of reading a chart. Learn what astrology has to offer you on your path through life. Are you an intermediate student? This workshop will transform your chart analysis and lift you to the next level. Advanced? Professional? Explore new ways to reach into the lives of your clients. Join in the group process of discussion and analysis as we work our way through the natal charts of the participants.

Astrologers love to think cosmically, and Rick can be as cosmic as anyone. However, we must encounter the cosmos directly through our individual lives—and it is in the practical realms where we will focus our attention for this workshop. We each view the world through our own natal chart, and the horoscopic chart is the basic tool of astrology. It is here where we will focus our attention. Under Rick’s guidance, we will explore the rich symbolism of astrology, delve into the depths of chart analysis, and unravel the secrets of using astrology to improve our lives and the lives of our friends, family and clients.

Moving beyond Divination
Astrology has long been used as a predictive tool. However, modern astrologers employ astrological concepts for the purpose of improving psychological process and spiritual development. Sometimes astrology courses are so theoretical that they don’t add anything useful to our toolbox. Sometimes lectures are so dogmatic that we would have to adopt an entirely new system to use what we've learned. This journey will provide a balanced mixture of theory and practice to open participants' minds to new perspectives and to make us all better astrologers and better humans.

The Curriculum
Our curriculum is flexible enough to allow for the expressed needs and desires of the group. Accordingly, we may take a few scenic detours along the way, but the overall course material will be covered. Rick has a teaching style that connects with beginners while also bringing new ideas to the table for more advanced students.

NOTE: Beginners should have some prior knowledge of astrology. A basic working knowledge of the signs, planet and houses would be useful. Beginners will be offered a pre-workshop phone consultation to assess their skills and to recommend reading that will help the participant get up to speed in order to maximise their Bali experience.

Daily Schedule 

7:30 am - 8:30 am – Breakfast

9:00 am - 12:30 pm - Morning Session

10:15 am - 10:45 - Coffee, Tea, and Coconut break

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm - Lunch

Free time

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm- Afternoon Session

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - Dinner


Please stay flexible around the schedule.  Our group dynamic could dictate some adjustments or changes.


There will often be some kind of optional organised event for the group during the “free time”. There is no obligation whatsoever to participate in these events. 


Workshop Schedule

Arrival Day 
“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates


Everyone is required to arrive by today, or earlier, so as to be well rested before the programme commences. Only dinner is included, all other meals to be paid for individually. Our restaurant will be open and we can arrange taxis if anyone wants to do some sightseeing. A day for relaxing, settling in, meeting fellow astrologers, having massages, relaxing by the pool(s).

6:00 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm:  We will make our introductions, go over some logistical and practical issues, leaving us free to launch right into the astrology the next morning.

  • Opening the circle

  • Overview of the retreat: What is to be examined?

  • Creating intention

Day 1 -  We Begin. The Magic of the Natal Chart
An Introduction to the Natal Chart: What can it reveal? What can’t it reveal? What can we use it for? Initial considerations of astrology. Introduction to the basic elements of horoscopic analysis. The day’s study will include an exploration of the astrological planets, signs and houses.

 Sundays’s Lecture/Discussion Topics:

  • Planetary Archetypes: Personal to Cosmic

  • The Zodiac: Elements, Modalities, and Polarities

  • The Houses: The Realms of Life

  • The players and their places: The Planets and Signs

  • Small Group Process

Day 2 - The Spiritual Dimensions of Astrology
We will begin today’s journey with an exploration of what it means to be spiritual. We will look at astrology in a historical context to understand the difference between a metaphysical and physical approach to astrology. Our basic tool will still be the natal chart as we embark on a journey into the metaphysical dimensions of astrology. We will develop a new appreciation for the dance between the inner and the outer realms -- the microcosm and the macrocosm - as we explore the relationship between spirit and matter. Under Rick’s guidance, we’ll explore our assumptions about the universe and how these assumptions impact our astrological work. We will learn why quantum physics is so important to the practice of astrology. We’ll stretch our minds through a variety of experiential techniques to alter our basic assumptions about the world and therefore alter the way we work with charts.


Monday’s Lecture/Discussion Topics:

  • An Introduction to the Physics of Metaphysics

  • The Cultural Shift from Physical to Metaphysical

  • What is Spiritual Astrology? Can Astrology be “unspiritual”?

  • What does it mean to do Astrology as a Spiritual pursuit?

  • Working with Astrological Concepts from a Spiritual Perspective

  • Past Lives and Reincarnation

  • A Metaphysical Approach to the Four Elements

  • Ascension (Spirit): Fire/Air and Incarnation (Soul): Earth/Water

Day 3 -  The Planets: Forces at Work
We will delve further into the language of astrology as we work our way through the planets to understand the material and spiritual components of each. We will explore what practices we can employ to use each planet on our practical and spiritual journey through life. We’ll start with the most obvious: the Sun and the Moon… and then work our way from Mercury to Pluto as the key to understanding the basic keys to the astrological archetypes.

Tuesday’s Lecture/Discussion Topics:

  • Exploring Ritual Through Music, Movement and Contemplation

  • The Sun & the Moon: Exercises in expression and reflection

  • Mercury: Making Mischief --It takes two to tangle

  • Venus: On beyond words     

  • Mars: Let’s get physical

  • Jupiter and Saturn: Working with the ebb and flow of the Cosmic Tides

  • The Transpersonal Planets: Exploring the Mysteries

  • Using the co-conspirators for co-con-spiritual mischief

  • The Astrology of Life, Death and Rebirth

  • Astrology and the Unconscious

  • Freud, Jung and the Bardos: Transpersonal Planets

  • “The Planets Within” and The Planets in Your Pocket

  • Experiential Astrology: Planet Walks

  • Experiential Astrology: Planetary Role Playing

Day 4 -  Planetary Combination/ The Aspects
We begin the exploration of natal chart interpretation, where astrology comes alive. The individual energy of the planets combines in geometric patterns to weave a tapestry of meaning into a chart and into our lives. We will explore how planets combine energies and how to work with the various aspects. We will shift our thinking about aspects by considering the relationship between aspects and harmonics and integrating the non-physical aspects of the quintile and septile series.

Wednesday’s Lecture/Discussion Topics:

  • Physical and Metaphysical Aspects

  • Physical: Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Trine, Sextile

  • Transitional: Semi-sextile, Quincunx

  • Metaphysical/Spiritual: Quintiles, Septiles

  • Working with aspects in our charts

  • Natal Charts of Participants


Day 5 - Free Day

 Only breakfast will be served today, other meals to be paid for individually.
We will choose a location to go to and transportation will be included.
This is an optional excursion and students are free to make their own plans.
Day 6 - Timing is Everything
We each possess a chart that is an imprint of the moment of our birth. But the natal chart is just a jumping off point, for the planets continue to move on their appointed rounds. The relationship between the planetary movement and a natal chart is how we understand the nature of unfolding events and their timing. We will learn techniques for analysing transits. We will explore strategies to handle our own transits, for if we cannot do that, how can we expect to help others? The ancients knew that Saturn was the gatekeeper of reality, and we will focus on the cycles of Saturn to learn about the timing of events. However, we also know that the transiting outer planets deliver various kinds of shocks as they aspect a natal chart. How do we work with these shocks? How can we place relative importance on each transit, especially since there is usually more than one happening simultaneously? What are the best practices when entering a period with lots of outer planet activity?

Friday’s Lecture/Discussion Topics:

  • An Introduction to Transits, Progressions, and Directions

  • Homeostasis: Maintaining balance in an imbalanced world

  • Homeopathy: Where medicine goes metaphysical

  • Natal Charts of Participants 

Day 7- The Astrology of Relationships
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

Ram Dass called relationships, “The Yoga of the West.” Traditionally, Venus and Mars are associated with romantic love, but the complexity of human interactions cannot adequately be described by two planets. Of particular interest is the current profound shift in relationship dynamics, fuelled by gender fluidity and the quest of gender equality. Today, we will explore the idea of love, its influence on individual transformation, and the mechanics of interpersonal interaction. We will explore the various tools in the astrologer’s toolbox that elucidate the successes and failures of relationships. We will look at natal charts, synastry charts, composite charts, and time-space midpoint charts. We will use example horoscopes from known personalities plus real-time examples from class participants.

Saturday’s Lecture/Discussion Topics:

  • Relationship Theory and Practice

  • Assessing Individual Relationship Needs

  • The Basic Tools: Synastry, Composite, and Relationship Charts

Day 8 -  Your Place in the Cosmos: Astro-drama
Imagine a large chart wheel drawn out on the floor. Now, imagine standing in the middle of your own chart with others role-playing your planets. This is astro-drama, a very special technique that allows us to bring the cosmos down to Earth. We will use astro-drama, planetary role playing, and other powerful techniques for working with our natal horoscopes. Too often, we relate to our charts in a purely intellectual manner. Experiential Astrology moves us from words into feelings, from analysis into experience and from printed charts into our own bodies. Participants will have opportunities to directly experience and engage with aspects of their own charts and active transits as they are acted out in real time. These exercises combine astrology theory with experiential practices. Participants will have active fun while expanding their astrological awareness.
Day 9 -  More Astro-drama and Putting It All Together
We will continue with experiential astrology techniques, including more Astro-drama. We will explore the concept of the technique of using the “Planets in your Pocket.” We will culminate with an exploration of global issues from an astrological perspective, including the last Uranus-Pluto conjunction (1965-66) and the more recent Uranus-Pluto square (2012-2015). We’ll review the history of the very recent Saturn-Pluto cycle and consider the history of this cycle in light of current events. We’ll also review the importance of the twenty-years Jupiter-Saturn cycle. We will discuss Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius on December 18, followed by Jupiter’s on December 20, the Solstice on the 21st, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the 22nd. This cosmic turning point is the final punctuation mark on the recent historical phase that included the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. We will think globally while discussing the issues locally.

Monday’s Lecture/Discussion Topics:

  • Mundane (World) Astrology

  • Transpersonal Planet and their Long-Term Cycles in History

  • The Relationship between Individuals and the History of their Times

  • The Uranus-Pluto Cycle and the Uranus-Neptune Cycle

  • Saturn-Pluto Cycle: Waltz Time for Civilisation

  • The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle: Johannes Kepler and the Search for the Star of Bethlehem

  • Ritual for the Sagittarius New Moon at 12:16 am tomorrow (Tuesday morning)

Day 10 - Putting It All Together
Morning Session only, followed by lunch and goodbyes…

This is a cleanup session where we will put our current astrological journey into perspective. We will synthesise our experiences while examining our roles in the unfolding dramas that lay ahead. This is a time to review the most important concepts and practices from our time together as we explore where to go from here. We will complete our time together by revisiting our initial stated intentions and finish with a closing circle to honour the Moon’s shift into Capricorn.

“You say goodbye and I say hello…”




This workshop will be held at our very own property, Rahasia Manis, plus at the property exactly adjacent, Hati Suci. We are located on the outskirts of a traditional Balinese village, approximately 25 minutes from central Ubud, with easy access to all of its marvellous cosmopolitan offerings; galleries, restaurants, yoga studios, and shopping. We are about an hour and a half drive from DPS airport, and an hour-plus to several lovely beaches. It is a steady uphill drive from all tourist areas and several degrees higher than most urban areas, with a cooler climate and fewer mosquitoes. Rahasia Manis is close by several of Bali’s most ancient temples and situated both amongst the rice terraces and jungle.

Below is an aerial view of Rahasia Manis and Hati Suci - between rice harvests


$2,650 - shared occupancy 

$3,250 - single occupancy

Payment in Full by September 21st, 2020 

Early-Bird Special - 10% Discount on Early Sign-ups

Please make requests for room-mates via email.


Rooms are always allocated on a 1st come basis, and logistically we cannot take special requests on accommodation - unless mobility-related.


Full Tuition with Rick  

10 Nights Accommodation, Shared or Single

10 Breakfasts, 9 lunches, 9 dinners

Airport Transfers  (if within 3 days of workshop dates)

Visits to Bali’s Sacred Temples

Shopping Excursion

Beach Trip

1 Massage

We will break early one day with the option of Dinner, (paid for individually), and Shopping in Ubud

We will also take a full afternoon to visit the local Temples.

These dates will be planned for later according to our groups needs and desires, (and the weather!)

All activities and excursions are optional

Massages can be scheduled in the early mornings, evenings or during any free times.  Additional massages will be available, but we ask that everyone wait until all inclusive ones have been booked before requesting these.


All meals are served buffet-style and there will be plenty of choice for both vegetarians and carnivores. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any medically based dietary requirements.

Thank you!