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with  Mark Garrett


with  Mark Garrett


This workshop was postponed due to COVID-19

You are invited to join us in the rice fields and jungle of Bali, Indonesia, for a 10-day Certified Permaculture Design Course.

This course has been specifically designed to provide an overall holistic and unique experience for participants and to teach them vital skills in Sustainable Gardening and Personal Well-being.


Our teacher is the Internationally renowned Permaculture consultant, designer, and educator, Mark Garrett, a man passionate about living harmoniously with nature and dedicated to achieving low-cost, sustainable ecosystems that benefit both the planet and the people who live and work in them. 

By observing nature and understanding how it operates, he creates low carbon green systems, where energy is conserved by removing the need for fossil fuel, waste is turned into a useful resource, water is saved and reused, vital minerals and nutrients in the soil are naturally regenerated and tests are controlled without using harmful chemicals. These are the principles of the basic building blocks of Permaculture, and Mark Garrett has been applying them to every project he has ever designed.

Mark will lead the Permaculture Design Course based on the seminal text: Permaculture Designers' Manual; written by Bill Mollison, co-founder of Permaculture, and Mark's personal teacher. 

"Mark Garrett is Soneva Fushi's Permaculturist which essentially means he is the grand master of environmental matters" ~ Conde Nast Traveler, Sept 2011

Permaculture workshop at Rahasia Manis 2019

"C.N.O.W" (See NOW) was jointly coined by Mark and others in India when he was working with The Panchabuta Conservation Foundation. C.N.O.W stands for "Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Water"; without "Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Water" there is no life. C.N.O.W the building blocks for all life combine with the Permaculture principles of design to build sustainable living systems for all. 

Permaculture designed solutions grow healthy soil for healthy food and healthy people. The "C.N.O.W" Permaculture Design Experience will show you how designing closed loop waste management systems restores life for the benefit of all. 

Mark's Permaculture experience spans over 26 years of design, installation, education and training. 

His projects include island resorts for SixSenses Maldives, Vietnam, The Datai, Langkawi, Necker and Mustique Islands in the Caribbean plus private residences in Barbados, Canouan, Bequia - St Vincent the Grenadines, Bali, Australia, America and the UK. 

Educational projects include The Green School, Green Camp, Green Village Bali and recently Permaculture gardens for Alila hotels and Moksa Ubud, plant based restaurant and permaculture garden in Bali. 

Mark's previous and current projects can be viewed at: 
Mark's WebsiteWorm Farm Article
Maldive's Project

If you are looking for a practical Permaculture Design Experience that covers all climate zones with a focus on tropical and subtropical Permaculture, then this is the course for you. We will live, eat and sleep Permaculture!


Topics covered will include:
Permaculture Ethics and Principles

Concepts and Themes in Design

Design Methods 
Observing Patterns in Nature

Climate Sector Analysis 
Zone Planning 
Waste to Wealth 
Earth Works 

Many additional hands-on experiences including but not limited to: 

Herb spiral 
Composting systems 
Bio Fertilisers 
Seed raising techniques 
Fruit tree care & maintenance 
Intelligent garden bed design 
Composting toilets systems 
Grey-water systems 
Biofiltration tank 
Bamboo curing 
Worm farms 
Planting & cultivation in the tropics & more


$1,650 USD per person

Shared Occupancy (friends, family and spouses staying together.)

$1,750 USD per person

Shared Occupancy (we pair you with a roommate.)

$2,250 USD per person
Single Occupancy  (one person per room)




• 72-Hour Fully Accredited Permaculture Course with Mark Garrett

• Permaculture Design Certificate on Completion

• Accommodation for 12 Nights

• Healthy Buffet Meals; 12 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches & 11 Dinners

• Airport Transfers if arriving/departing within 3 days of the Workshop Programme dates

• All Transportation and Entrance Fees to Inclusive Field Trips, etc.

• 1 Complementary Massage

• Morning Yoga on 9 days 




Check-in is any time after 2:00 pm. Earlier arrivals are welcome to relax by the pool until their rooms are ready. Today only dinner is included, all other meals can be ordered in our restaurant. Massages may be scheduled any time today.

6:30 pm – Buffet Dinner and meeting one another 


DAYS 1 - 5

Regular Schedule



Only breakfast is included - 9:00 am

Other meals can be ordered from our restaurant and paid for at check-out. We will be happy to assist with planning and arrangements for the day off.


DAYS 6 - 10

Regular Schedule



Breakfast Buffet is included - 9:00 am

No yoga today


Checkout by Noon


7:00 - 8:00 am - Yoga/Meditation
8:00 - 9:00 am - Buffet Breakfast
9:00 am - 1:00 pm - Permaculture Course
11:00 - 11:15 am - Break - Coffee & tea provided. Coconuts can be pre-ordered (RP20K)
1:00 - 2:00 pm - Buffet Lunch
2:00 - 5:15 pm -  Permaculture Course
4:00 - 4:15 pm - Break - Coffee, tea and iced beverage provided
5:15 - 6:00 pm - Yoga/Meditation
6:30 pm - Buffet Dinner


We will ask students to stay somewhat flexible around the schedule. The weather and/or our group dynamic could dictate some adjustments or changes.

Field trips and special excursions will be taken, and educational videos shown some evenings. 


We will allow additional time for exploring and relaxing between classes.



Rahasia Manis is the ideal location for this course. Set in rural Bali, on the outskirts of a traditional village, between working rice fields and the jungle, this property was built with Permaculture and sustainability principals as part of its primary goal. Located far from the madding tourist crowds, but close enough to the pulsing hub of Ubud (12 km) to take advantage of all that it has to offer. 
Located in the foothills and higher than most tourist areas, the temperature here is cooler and with far fewer mosquitoes.

Mark is not involved with any of the financial or organisational aspects of the course and should be contacted regarding course material only. Please contact us directly with all logistical questions. 

Massages can be scheduled in the early mornings, evenings or during free times. Additional massages may be scheduled, but please wait until all inclusive ones have been booked before requesting these.


Meals will be organic, seasonal and locally sourced; served buffet-style with plenty of  choice for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike. All meats are strictly free-range and humanely treated, chemical-free, and all of our fish line-caught by Balinese village fishermen. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any medically based dietary requirements.

Those traveling from afar may wish to book extra nights in Bali and do some further exploring of the island. We are happy to assist with these plans.

Thank you, and see you in Bali!

"I wish I could make an annual trip to this magical place. My experience there truly felt like a dream. I travelled to Bali for a Permaculture Design Course being held at Rahasia Manis and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It is an oasis outside of the hustle and bustle of Ubud - a true glimpse into the traditional quiet, peaceful, beautiful Balinese culture and way of life. It was the perfect setting for learning - tranquil, embedded in nature and steeped with inspiration at every turn. 

The course was endlessly fascinating. Our teacher, Mark Garrett is a wealth of knowledge on all things Permaculture. His kind and passionate approach to teaching made every day exciting and engaging. I learned an unbelievable amount during my 10 day course. I hope our paths cross again in the near future!

Rahasia Manis itself is somewhat of a quirky, wonderful village built into the jungle. The buildings and furnishings are a wonderful mix of recycled and repurposed materials and the outlying permaculture initiatives (gardens, nursery, compost and chickens) are the perfect place to spend a quiet moment in harmony with nature. Evelyn and her team welcomed us with open arms and we were family from the moment we entered the property. The food was vibrant and delicious - a perfect mix of traditional flavours and fresh, local ingredients. I could continue on forever, but all I will say is that my experience at Rahasia Manis changed my life. It was pure magic. Thank you to Evelyn and her team, Mark and Oliver (and my wonderful classmates) for an unforgettable few weeks." ~ Faryn T.

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