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India, Land of Beauty & Diversity

A create-your-own 5, 16, or 22-day Cultural Experience




This workshop has been postponed due to COVID-19

Goa and Rajasthan are the perfect locations for our journey, with their rich history, diverse culture and beautiful landscapes. This will be Heaven and Earth's 8th workshop in India, and we have spent those years finding the best locations, safest drivers, best guides, and fairest places to shop.


We have now held 4 photography workshops in various parts of the world, and discovered that the culinary interests of our groups are almost as strong as their creative interests, and that's fine with us because we are total foodies! We put as much time into researching restaurants as anything else. Every workshop to date has found us ending each day swearing we won't be able to top the last wonderful restaurant we ate at. We don't expect this one to be any different and we are happily researching all gastronomical possibilities.

Participants can choose to attend the Goa segment of our journey or the Rajasthan segment, or both segments. Check out destinations and dates and see what intrigues you.




The 1st part of the journey will be a settled and relaxing time in South Goa at Palolem Beach. Interested participants will have photography sessions with Jean Fogelberg.We'll be staying just up the hill from the beach, at Bhakti Kutir, a simple,  charming, rustic, home away from home with the friendliest staff you could ever hope to meet. No running hot water in the rooms, but steaming buckets of water brought on demand. Set amidst lovely gardens and abundant nature's beauty, Bhakti Kutir boasts basic comforts, fresh local organic food, and an easy walk to two beautiful beaches and villages for shopping. The fish is fresh from the sea; the sand is smooth and the water is warm; and the food and shopping are shockingly affordable.




Rajasthan is India's largest and arguably most colourful state. For this leg of our journey, Goa participants will fly to Delhi where we will meet up with Rajasthan participants and board our bus to Agra. The following morning we will visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise. Interested participants will have photography sessions with Jean Fogelberg. From Agra we will slowly wend our way to Jaisalmer by road, exploring Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bharatpur Bird Park, and the shopping mecca, Jaipur along the way.  We will travel in our own private air-conditioned bus with professional local guides, and all hotel accommodations will be 4-star and very comfortable.


For the Rajasthan leg of this journey, you might want to buy The Lonely Planet Guide to Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra. We are going to too many places to list, so this will give you a clearer idea of what we will be seeing.


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